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  1. I don't care about the latter group and what they do as long as they keep up with the group in front of them.
  2. On the bay, I see listings for used EQ1-NX 5-GW sets that look pretty reasonably priced, and a few sellers selling the 4h head-only for not too bad. If you're comfortable with club work--and it sounds like you are if you built your OWN custom OL set--that'd be a good start and you can reshaft/regrip as necessary. Gets you out of the conundrum of different lie angles, anyway. I also see some Edel SLS-01 on there, but not nearly so reasonably priced...
  3. Yeah, but I just watched an interview with Morikawa where he was talking about the 4x points for each event and how his focus isn't necessarily going to be on winning the Northern Trust but on the points for the real prize, the Fedex Cup. Which isn't to say that he's not trying to win it, but that it's a means to an end. It somewhat takes a little of the value of a "win" out of the picture for many of the top guys compared to simply not taking too much risk and making bad decisions that can push you too far down the points race for the next two events.
  4. Maybe not easy, but this guy is 170th in SG putting and 4th in scoring average...
  5. This is about something I did while playing, but I'm thinking it qualifies because it's not a mistake regarding a golf decision... I just bought three new wedges. Sub70, all in black. Second ever round with them in play, I find myself in a situation where I've got a lie on top of some nasty stuff. Dirt with tiny little rocks embedded in it. So what do I do? Grab my 60 and figure I'm gonna hit it out of there. Yeah, the sole is already dinged up and I've had the wedges about a month. I don't expect they'll look beautiful forever, but I shouldn't have done that.
  6. I'll give another example of this. I've got a little 9 hole exec, par 29, course that I play with my son. It's a very short course (1115 yards). There are two tiny par 3's (about 50-65y), four very short ones (80-100y), one longer (~130y), and two par 4's of 210 and 275 yards, but both designed such that they really demand you play them as 4s rather than long 3s (granted, 275 isn't a long 3). It's pretty much a wedge and putt course. This course is par 29, but rated 28.3 (slope 94). My index is currently 20.7. My last four differentials there have been +4.7, +5.7, +5.7, and +6.7. So I'm averaging a +11.4 equivalent if it were an 18-hole course. With my long game, I'm a 20.7. Take out the long game, I'm a closer to an 11.4. Hence why I'm working so much harder on the range right now than the chipping area or the putting green.
  7. I think that's the right track, and especially if Monte said the same. He said that to me, that the partial swing should be the vast majority of practice, and that you should only try to ingrain it into a full swing every 4th or 5th ball. If you focus on full swings, your body wants to do what it's comfortable with rather than the new move, no matter how much you think you're doing it. Also recommend regular video to ensure that you're doing it. It's often easy to feel like you're doing a move, and then the video shows you weren't... That's the way to keep progress coming.
  8. Now, I'm a 20-cap (and would be higher except for one magical round which dropped my cap by 4 strokes on its own), so my experience might not be relevant to those of you in the scratch or low single territory. But I think the two below charts show a little bit of where the variance comes in scoring, at least for those of us on the bad end of the spectrum: The first is my handicap differentials of the last 20 rounds: The second is my number of putts per round for the last 20 rounds: Now, the overall trend line on both is slightly down. I've been working on a lot over the past months covered here, and you can see I had a bunch of 40+ putt days the first half of this and none in the second half. But I think what you can also see is that for the last dozen rounds or so, the putting numbers have been pretty stable. Most days I'm going to roll between 35 and 37 putts, with only a few outliers that are different. (BTW a few of those outlier 31s are artifically low because of putts from the fringe). The putting numbers don't particularly correlate all that well with scores, either. My handicap differentials skew wildly up and down around rounds where my putting is pretty much the same. Only one day in this entire stretch did I have a day where both my ballstriking and my putting were both good, and that's a round that would have gotten me called a sandbagger if it wasn't for the fact that I was playing with my usual buddies who know my normal scores are legit. So I agree with the folks upthread that say that ballstriking is the key to the first number in your score--putting is the difference in the second.
  9. Well the reviews online were mixed. Even guys like TXG didn't denote any real driver distance loss in their test--granted their test was indoors using GCQuad, which computes flight characteristics rather than actually measuring them. A few reviewers thought there might be a little distance loss off the driver, but it wasn't certainly an airtight case. And of course there's no "guarantee 1+ club distance". However, what it suggests to me is that on good strikes I am more likely to lose distance with Kirkland relative to some other balls like MTB-X. I came back to the game last summer. At the time I had a bag full of random balls--including a dozen yellow top flite X-outs... When I standardized on Kirkland, I looked through all the balls I had to see if any were worth keeping, and all except for two in my bag were 2-piece surlyn balls. I've been working on my game, and I have replaced all my clubs except 4w and putter since standardizing on Kirkland. My contact is intermittent (I am a 20 cap, after all), and I only get to play a full 18 about once every other weekend. So unfortunately, I don't have enough of a sample size to really have noticed if I'm losing a club's worth of distance. I'm definitely a higher trajectory player... Not sure how high my spin numbers are, but I've never had trouble stopping a ball. So I think my own game is such that I'm more likely to lose distance due to the extra spin. Granted, I don't think I'm the player that needs a "low spin" ball--hence why I'm looking at the MTB-X which appears to be more in the middle than the Kirkland. It's still a ball that should generate a fair bit of spin, but a better balance.
  10. I agree with your last sentence. By all means, play whatever ball makes you feel the most confident. I've been playing the K3.2 for most of the last year because it seemed like the price and performance were the best. It's not because I can't afford a "premium" ball, it's because I have no desire to spend $4/ball for "premium" when the Kirkland is equally premium for a quarter of the cost. But based on this test, it seems the Kirkland is not actually premium. Distance across all clubs and all swing speeds were down significantly. The MTB-X has about 9.5 more yards at my swing speed (mid) with driver than the Kirkland. It has about 4 more yards carry with the 8i (not counting roll-out because I rarely get much if I'm hitting into soft greens). That's a combined 13.5 yards, or somewhere between 1 to 1.5 clubs less into every green. Looking at all the other measurables, the MTB-X has higher peak height, similar ballspeed, the 8i has similar descent angle, and it's still in the "spinny" category compared to the other balls on the list--it's not a decidedly low-spin ball. I played the Kirkland because I didn't think I was giving anything up. But giving up 1-1.5 clubs on every approach is too much.
  11. Or, call Bushnell again. Instead of asking how to replace the screw, see if you can figure out the specs of the screw. I'm quite sure they have a description of it that will likely call out in their product system the actual thread. If you get lucky [and talk to the right person], I'll bet someone can look up the BOM (bill of materials) for your exact model rangefinder, drill down through their system, and dig up a mechanical drawing for the screw that will call out literally EVERY single spec of it.
  12. I'm pretty confident... When I'm on the fringe... ...as long as I'm using putter and not chipping.
  13. Yeah, that course is usually good for tune-up to work on my partial wedge game. I need to get a run over there when it's not busy on a weekday morning and play multiple balls / multiple clubs to do even better. My ballstriking just sucked yesterday though, so it's not like I learned anything useful Good idea on the putting game. I also read of one where you basically lay down a club about 18" to 2' past the hole. You putt to the hole, with the following outcomes: Ball ends short of hole: 0 points Ball hits club: 0 points MY ADDITION: Ball ends up beyond end of club left or right: 0 points Ball ends up between hole and club: 1 point Make the putt: 2 points I added the middle one. If I lay down something long like a driver or fairway wood, then it is a good lag drill for both speed and direction control. A bunch of rounds of that and he might start getting more touch.
  14. Based on the results of the 2021 ball test, I'm thinking I'm going to move over from Kirkland to the Snell MTB-X. I think I might be giving up way too much distance in favor of spin that I might not even need, considering the softer conditions I usually play in.
  15. Yeah, but most of what we'd seen regarding distance was anecdotal, and really not particularly consistent either. Some people here have claimed lost yardage, some have claimed the distances are the same. My guess is that when you're looking at a "budget ball", people probably see what they want to see when they hit it. Even for the online tests, I believe the TXG test didn't denote any distance differences off driver. BUT their test was entirely GCQuad which calculates the flight pattern, compared to testing outside via radar that will give you actual flight characteristics. Thus it can give you launch characteristics but not actually provide true flight data. I think this was the first thing I've seen that had a consistent and conclusive showing, across multiple swing speeds and clubs, that the K3.2 had a significant distance dropoff relative to other balls. I'm going to keep an eye on what I've got in the bag and will probably return the 24 I just bought... If I run low, I'll go with Snell MTB-X going forward depending on what we see with the K4.3. Seems like the right sort of happy medium between distance and spin, and still a better price point than the big guys. On the bright side, I can get the Snell in yellow, too.
  16. Not a good day for the Kirkland... Ouch. Gives up a TON of distance with all that spin, especially at my SS which is approximately in range with "mid" on this test. Oddly not as much distance lost for the 115 driver folks, probably because it's high compression and that compensates somewhat for all that spin. But those high-speed players lose a full club (16y) or more of distance on the 8i where the slower CHS doesn't compress it as much and the spin overwhelms. I like the ability to spin the ball, but that might just be too much. There are other balls that would probably give me more of a happy medium between distance and spin.
  17. Results for the K3.2 are in from the 2021 ball test on that other site... Ouch. Just... Ouch. Spun like crazy, but distance wasn't even close. I'm closest to the "mid" speed category and the Kirkland was 15 yards shorter off the tee and 8 yards shorter of the 8i at mid speed compared to the top balls in the test. Most of those are low-spin balls, of course, but it seems like there's a happy medium from the test and the K3.2 isn't it...
  18. Congrats on the weight loss! I wear glasses and want to get LASIK. I am not a fan of contacts though--I just can't mentally get over the idea of putting something on my eyeball lol. Agree that if they screw up distance vision, you probably shouldn't wear them on the course. If they're primarily for reading/close-up work, there's not much need. Maybe get a pair of glasses if you need them for reading greens or something similar (although I can't imagine it'll make that much difference). Sorry to hear about the round. One of those days when ballstriking goes off the rails--looks like your short game and putting were fine. Problem with those days that ballstriking goes away is that you start taking penalty strokes and that usually means blow-up holes. But there are positives to take away. 6 par-or-better scores show the potential there. As you keep working through your swing and the ballstriking comes back, it'll get better. It sounds like you, @BigTerp1524, and I are all going through the same ballstriking trouble right now as we're working on our swings. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll all have rounds to celebrate
  19. I went with the EQ1-NX for 4h, then 5i-GW. I had the PW bent to 44 and the GW bent to 48 to make room at the bottom of the bag for 52/56/60. My EQ1 are all at 37.5", which is a traditional player's 6i length, but for me due to my height and WTF it'd be either 8i or 9i--it's actually the same as my previous set's 9i because they were +1.5". I had my wedges all built with the same shaft and grip as the irons, and knowing that they were not OL heads I didn't want to play them at 37.5" due to swing weight issues. My previous set PW was 37", SW was 36.5", and LW was 36.75", so I just had all three wedges built to 36.75" and had the vendor (Sub70) cherry-pick the lightest heads they had on hand to help keep the swing weight down. I don't worry about having a shorter wedge than 36.75". Anything much shorter than that is very uncomfortable for me for a full swing (not that I take a lot of full swings with the wedges), and I can always choke down on the grip if I need to for any shot that I want it to be shorter.
  20. Got it... Sounds like the opposite of me if you were staying on the left side the whole time... I have a little too much weight shift right on the backswing, and then instead of shifting back early like I should, I slide back to the left too late where it's more of a lateral shift than a pressure shift followed by a rotation.
  21. Yep. I took the day off Thurday to play with my wife's stepdad who was in town. Played one of the nicer public courses in the area, so even on a weekday it's triple-digit greens fees. I don't normally play courses that expensive, but I'm not going to take him out to my usual dog tracks, and I liked the chance to have an excuse to play that course on the weekday "discount" lol... You'd think at that price, on a weekday, they wouldn't be 100% full. So he calls me the night before the round. Says that my brother in law who was also visiting is trying to get out of going to Disneyland with the rest of the family (as my wife's stepdad was doing--but thought much farther in advance). Can I call the course and see if I can get him on? I tell him there's no chance--the other two of our foursome was booked a week ago, and the course is full, but I'll call. The guy at the pro shop was very nice, but the obvious answer was still no. Couldn't go as a fivesome, couldn't break us into two groups, course is full. Okay, no big deal. He should have asked sooner. I checked the booking website the next morning. Every tee time from the time they opened until 6:40 PM super twilight was fully booked. Not even room for a single to sneak in anywhere. On a Thursday, non-holiday, in 90 degree weather, for >$100 greens fees (although lower after noon). Everything is full here, every day, all day. It doesn't even matter what it costs. It's Orange County--there's always someone who can afford to play it.
  22. @BigTerp1524 What sort of drills did Monte want you to do?
  23. Played 9 with my son again today. 1115 yard course, par 29. Hole 1 - 85 yards, par 3, HDCP 9: Green is protected in the front right by a bunker. There's a creek running down the left side of the hole, so anything left or long/left is dangerous. Tees in the middle, red flag, playing about 80. I take a partial 52. I don't know if I didn't put enough on it or maybe caught it just a big thick, but it stopped 5 yards short of the green. I pitch, get it a little long, and it rolls right past the pin to the left side of the green on the fringe. I've got about a 20-footer for par, which I drop, but it's on the fringe, so it counts as a zero-putt par. Par, E. Hole 2 - 100 yards, par 3, HDCP 3: Long but narrow green. There's a pond between the tee and the green that's not in play unless you chunk it, or hit short and right, as the pond extends a little up to the right. The green is protected on the left by a bunker, and if you go long/left here, you can very easily lose a ball as the creek winds around back there. Tee/pin are both middle, playing right around 100. I hit the partial 52 again but with a little more, and it hits the green pin-high about 18 feet right of the flag. Tricky breaking putt, but I get perfect speed and leave it two inches high of the hole. Par, E. Hole 3 - 95 yards, par 3, HDCP 6: Back to front sloped green with bunkers on both sides. Tee is in the center to a back pin, so it's playing about 110-113. I take an almost-full 52, and this time I know I catch it thin because it only makes it about 90 yards. My pitch doesn't go nearly far enough, and I leave myself 27 feet short. I putt it about 4 feet past, but make it coming back. Bogey, +1. My son duffed his tee shot short left, but hit a great pitch up to about 4 feet and sunk his par putt. Good for him! Hole 4 - 88 yards, par 3, HDCP 7: Despite the lack of length, and this being considered the 3rd-easiest hole on the course, I disagree. The green is very narrow and long. Anything left of the green rolls off into the creek. Anything long will likely be in the creek. The green is flat to sloped away from the tee, so it's not going to hold shots without spin. Tees are middle, but the pin is in the very front, playing about 50 yards. I try to take a 2/3 swing 60, but again I chunk it halfway there. I pitch again with the 60, and it catches just in front of the green and rolls out about 12 feet past. I miss the putt but leave a 6-inch tap-in. Bogey, +2. Hole 5 - 210 yards, par 4, HDCP 2: Water all the way down the left, and the hole plays dogleg left if played as a par 4. Again the tees are back and left, so there's not even an angle to the green. Which is fine, I like to play this hole conservatively. I take 8i off the tee, aiming well right knowing my tendencies, and hit a solid contact push draw that rolls out to the very right edge of the fairway. I get up to my ball, have about 50 yards to the hole with plenty of green to work with, and hit a pitch with the 52. It's not fat--I just leave it short. Get up to the ball, pitch again, and I roll about 8 feet past the hole. I make the putt. Par, +2. Hole 6 - 66 yards, par 3, HDCP 9: Very short hole, with a decent side bunker protecting the front right of the green, and safety everywhere else. Tees are front and pin is back right behind the bunker, playing maybe 55-60 yards. I hit a partial 52 and... Chunk it again. Get halfway there. Hit another 52 and it's a bit thin, low, and rolls out just over the green into the fringe. I've got a crap lie and I'm short-sided, so I try to take a bit of what I've seen in the UTB 2.0 series, which of course I haven't practiced. I take the 52 and take an upright, steep angle with the hands high and the toe low. Using more of a putting stroke, I come through hoping to just get it over and out of the rough and trickle down to the hole. Instead I run out to the fringe on the opposite side. Now I putt off the fringe and leave myself a tap-in. Double, +4. Easiest hole on the course and I manage to double it. Well done, Brad! Hole 7 - 116 yards, par 3, HDCP 4: Narrow and long green, VERY narrow in the front as it's protected on both sides by bunkers. Tees are middle and the pin is WAY up front, so this is playing only 100. I go for the partial 52, and I'm not happy with my contact--a bit low on the face and it comes out definitely low. The advantage of that is those is that they tend to be spinners, though, and this is. It hits front left of the green about 3 yards under pin-high and stops dead. I'm left with about an 18-footer for birdie, and I putt it again to about 3 inches from the hole. Par, +4. Hole 8 - 85 yards, par 3, HDCP 8: Pretty generous round green for this course, with bunkers left and right. Pin is in the center and the tees are slightly back, so it's playing about 90. Partial 52, and I catch it just a shade thick, and it lands about 8 yards short of the green. I have plenty of uphill green to work with, but I don't give my chip enough oomph, and I still leave myself 33 feet short. I make a weak putt not anywhere near hard enough or high enough, and it dies out 5 feet below the hole. I miss that putt by inches. Double, +6. Now I've doubled the second-easiest hole on the course. Hole 9 - 275 yard, par 4, HDCP 1: This is a strategy hole where you lay up short of fairway bunkers, and then have to carry over a creek on the left to the green. It's creek all the way down the left side off the tee. Tees are WAY up, more than I've ever seen them. So the fairway bunkers, which I take 9i and can't reach when the tees are middle, or 7i and can't reach when the tees are back, are 115 off the tee. So I take the 52 and instead of aiming at the bunkers I usually do, I aim a bit left because I'm not nearly as worried about hooking a 52 into the creek as a longer iron. But I hit a thin push that's low trajectory and goes right into the first fairway bunker. I'm left with about 115 to a back pin. I've got a good lie and take extra club (48* GW) and plan to hit it like a fairway shot, catching ball first. I catch it clean, and it lands just over the green. I'm on a steep downhill lie, buried in rough, to a VERY short-sided pin. I refuse to try a lofted club here and just putt. I strike the putt and I think it's barely going to reach the green, but it drops off the fringe and continues rolling to about 6 feet. That's a dead straight putt and I put it right into the center of the flagstick. Par, +6. So I make it around in 35 (+6). Not going to do strokes from <100, because that's almost all of them. Putts: 14 (3 putts from off the fringe that don't count certainly help lol) GIR: 2/9 Pars: 5 Bogeys: 2 Doubles: 2 For a completely crap ballstriking day, I actually scored well. But I need to clean up the ballstriking. I was hoping this little tune up would be a "get right" round after my last two, but no luck. I managed 5 pars on only 2 GIR, so I got some lucky scrambling done today. My son made a 48. He's making progress. The big thing he still needs to work on more than anything is speed control on putts. He keeps hammering the ball way past the hole. Maybe next time he's with me, instead of playing 9 or hitting the range, we'll just spend our time on the putting green working solely on speed control drills. Anyone have any good competitions that he and I can do for that? I think he'd like it if we made it into a game...
  24. We had plenty K3.2 in my store on Friday. I lost 7 of them in my last round (Thurs), so I bought another 24 lol...
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