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  1. Im LH. Just got my P770 last month. GW are NoT available for Lefties. After receiving my irons I went to fitter to order proper gapped wedge. I ended up with a 50/12 to match my other SM8’s which I like the feel of. Definable would have liked a matching P770 GW, but Im real happy how these Irons feel. Go for it. Order up. As you guys stated, the 3 iron wasn’t even a thought for me.
  2. I used a company called Woodtex out of waaay upstate NY. Price seemed fair. I was able to completely customize several options free of upcharge. All online ordering a d customization. I have had it about 3 full years. Seems to be holding up well. I wish i would have thought of ordering a large enough one to add a launch monitor!!!!!!!
  3. IMHO Im in the Northeast and shopped around for months. Bottom line was just to order one and have it delivered completed. My research seemed to be that big box store kits use inferior wood and could be more structually sound..i beleive one i was researching from Lowes had a 10 ft run and had either 3 or 4 studs along that wall. I also ran the option of completely building one myself. I have access to the tools. But after speaking with several carpenters, they said just order one and have it delivered completed. Good luck. Send us pics when ur done. My shed unfortunately holds nu
  4. I have had red and blue grips. If they do harden, I cant tell. I just got a new set and compared it to one older blue grip. The blue one does feel harder, but it is about 2-3 seasons old. Im assuming most players change their grips in that time anyway.
  5. Im hoping thats not gonna be the case. I cant complain until I see what they actsully do. It is “Just” a polo, if it was the tour bag or putter that I spent 1/2 hr trying to order online ( and a lot of frustration) THEN didnt get it, I would be ticked....lets see what happens! I def wouldnt want a shirt that sat in some smoke filled home or worn! Im pretty sure that its gonna be hard to find anyone that received a polo instead of a shirt AnD admit it!!
  6. I was thinking same. But maybe since the tshirts are a limited run they dont have enough reserve tshirts to send out to those who “only” got the polo
  7. I spoke to cust service yesterday. Somehow he was aware there was an issue with shipping and it happened to more than one person. (a little scary!) They are gonna attmept to have the people that ordered the t shirt only return to SC and send the polos to the proper customers. Doesnt sound like its 100% done deal... i also have to return the tshirt. too bad shipping didnt screw up and send me a Moto Lh model! Wouldnt have heard a peep.
  8. Recieved my first CC order today. Fedex tracking showed it would arrive Tues..but showed up today. I was thrilled with the speed of the package. ( Especially since im on Eaatcoast) Unfortunately upon opening, found out i received the wrong order!! And not in my favor!!!!! I ordered the polo in xL. Received only the tshirt in Medium. I havnt been medium anything since 7th grade would have been nice to have mistakenly received a putter!
  9. That would be an expensive round for me....
  10. I literally tripped over my old school v steel today in the basement. Forgot i had it. I hope the new sim has the same feel. I loved my old v steel.
  11. And why didnt the PgA pair ever get released?? Love them.
  12. I dont have twitter but u can search SC tweets...there was no update today as far as I can tell.
  13. I would have loved last years school bus yellow stand bag! Well i kept “practicing” and just figured out how to select size for the polo. I figured the size selector had to be a solid red box. I think it has to be a checkered box for selection purposed. And......bought one. Purchase #1. Lets hope the wife doesnt keep track.
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