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  1. Looks Like Jeff was using the club as a hammer. *not covered under warranty.
  2. I know what ur thinking…the hulu girl is facing away from you.
  3. Someone said it before, but I absolutely love that @TaylorMade Golf actively participates in this forum!! Thank you TM.
  4. Its not like yesterday. There will be 3 to maybe 6 putters. Prices are usually around $2500 up to $9000. They sell within seconds. No website issues on previous GALLERY RELEASES.
  5. Never new that existed! Dam. Avg around $2500. Glad i didnt buy and flip.
  6. There is a boatload on ebay. Im seeing only about 4-5 with bids though (around$1800-2200). A lot with 0 bids and ridiculous asking prices. To each his own.
  7. I know there are a bunch of people throwing $ at the secondary market. But it seems like its getting flooded and although some items do sell at great mark ups, there seems to be a steady stock of things like towels/shirts just sitting there. I have been looking for particular towel (masters) but not paying $150 for one. I have noticed a ton of last years towels online. Priced around $50-60 ….Not seeing many bids on them …maybe just not popular items???? also Some ridiculous prices on bags too. $3-9k.
  8. Ha. I did the math too. The shipping is where i usually screw myself. Plus the wife would see another SC box and i would have to explain its not for me. Shes already complaining about the boston bag sitting around!!
  9. Yea. You just have to add to cart, not actually make a rational decision and “place order”.
  10. Dam. I was online at 11:14am. I could have joined the evil side and flipped it…stand bag it was all mine!!
  11. I got to the “place order”….love the bag. But never use staff bag. Soo temtping. The CC member in me left it for someone that may actually use it. Hopefully a flipper didnt get it.
  12. I have bag ready to purchase….dont need a bag! I love my 21’ Masters bag. May have been easier to get then this one!
  13. You are Correct. No doubles. One of whatever u can get in cart.
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