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  1. I have had good experiences with Nike relacing my golf shoes and sneakers, but only on shoes that are less then 2 yrs old (date stamped inside). They usually send giftcard for retail value. I have unfortunately had to do it about 6 times. Mostly due to the air pockets deflating. I should prob take take the hint the shoes are sending me!
  2. Being lefty stinks. Rarely can you try out a driver someone in ur group has and when demoing clubs, usually less options available. Plus im sure there is even less choices for LH women’s clubs…i had a choice i would say RH.
  3. Liked the wheel themed items. Potatoes not as much! Grabbed the putting disk. Then spent 3 seconds deciding if it was worth grabbin the ball marker bc i know id lose it after a hole or 2, then marker sold out.
  4. Great game. Until the bottom of 9th. Looked to be a boring game, turned out to be a thriller. Dam Britton. Walks always come back to haunt you.
  5. For those interested..SC has club cameron memberships available now. Must have been re-released within the past few hours.
  6. @fredstarFigures..i respond and first time in over a year the Wednesday release wasnt exactly 11:30 est! Someone was asleep at the wheel.
  7. @Forged4ever wow. Some write up and a wealth of info! Thnx for sharing.
  8. Exciting finish. Would have liked to see another hole or 2! side note….Anyone else notice English’s caddy uses a stand bag? I Have never noticed that on tour before. Makes sense to me!
  9. 11:30 EST mon. and wednes.
  10. @sabram thanks for the reminder. This hole blew my round! Yellow was intended 4 iron line. Red was actual! . Not even close….SMH great hole though!!
  11. I played St Andrews a few weeks ago. I love the clubhouse vibe. Huge outdoor deck set up overlooking the course. Definitely made me feel in was NOT in Yonkers! Course is well kept and challegning. Id look on the other side of river..Rockland Cc in Sparkill is quick ride up Palisades. Fast greens, course can play long if u choose, nice clubhouse and great members.
  12. Awesome. First time SC didnt send email annoucning the release. I unfortunately shopping for Lh mid round cover. Couldnt help but get the new t shirt.
  13. Fyi. New speed shop merc avail now.
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