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  1. I dont trust them! I think it was a 12:30 est drop last time.
  2. Has SC restocked the Speed Creations shop since the drop?? I checked frequently and havnt seen noticed anything restocked.
  3. I do not have that yardage gap.
  4. Ha. What u do??? Forget to cancel!!
  5. I just cancelled...theres also 8:10 am slot available.
  6. I searched all week and finally got decent last mintute cancellation....9:10 am tomorrow!! 2 some! Perfect weather!! ..............AND I cant go now! Just giving wrx’ers a heads up. I will be releasing/cancelling the tee time shortly!
  7. I did order the stock rdx. Im gonna test it out on a TM And on the course. Like most, i have been pressed for time...the smart thing to do would be to get fitted! But no, i just ordered it! I went to my local PGaSS which didnt have a rdx to demo. I was able to try the Ventus blue (no upcharge) shaft. I did like it. I Just dont feel like waiting for August!! I will give the rdx a shot and at worst order up the real velocore. Thnx!
  8. Def worth the trip..i know theres limited walk up times available. Out of state residents are gonna have a tough time securing any tee time. Im a NY resident and have been toying with the online registration system the last week or so. 7pm is the tee time release for the following week. So last nite at Exactly at 7pm i was able to grab 8am tee time for next Thursday. Like an idiot it somehow selected “3” players. I quickly went back a page to change it. And ALL the tee times were gone. Not even 4:30 tee time! I have been checking dozens of times a day for anything.
  9. I almost dont beleive that those ridiculous winning bids were paid. Its Insane. I Thought about selling mine but love it. I actually like the masters bag Better then the cinco.. thankfully. Not like i has a choice i missed out on the release by few minutes!!
  10. Better off rolling dice. I recieved mine withouy even getting a shipping notification, several weeks early!
  11. I know nothing about websites, but it should definitely work alot more Efficiently. I dont mind getting or not getting an item because of pure luck. But its more then frustrating waiting/wasting 15-20+ minites for items to load into the cart and check Out. I was fortunate to spend nearly 15+ minutes to get a master bag last month. After completing that transaction, I wasted my next 20 minutes trying to buy a shirt, which i didnt get. Obviously I dont have to spend my money and time on these, i choose to. Im a numbers guy, i would love to know # members to # of pie
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