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  1. You don't think Sadlowski lifts heavy? Are you Ronnie Coleman? https://www.instagram.com/p/CIGegnCp-Cz/?igshid=1m9i6to9rin9g
  2. Got the Ventus black 6TX and it's pretty much perfect, so no need to try the hulk. Wouldn't want anything stiffer.
  3. Mr. Ghostwedge, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  4. Used to play the black 6X, and thought it was a great shaft, best I'd tried even. The black 6TX however, is pure perfection. Amazing feel yet very stiff feeling, it's like the club becomes an extension of the body. Flight is straighter and the left curve is all but gone. Also got a flatter flight, finally going more forward than upwards.
  5. How far in does the shaft go in the Mizuno driver tips? STZ/STG models
  6. I think they should have the same restrictions as tour pros, so if anything the max length should be reduced to 46".
  7. If he needed PEDs to achieve that body and strength level at 28 after years of training, then I would feel bad for him
  8. If he had that policy, or if his licence was taken away as it maybe should have been earlier, then he would be in prime form for the 2022 majors. Such a shame...
  9. Black as night, stiff as diamond. The age of steel is over, don't cling to it.
  10. https://rebelliongolf.com/in-person-lessons/
  11. Not his words. He said one of the best things to increase speed is to take the club back faster (true), but he felt that this caused him to get too much inside on the backswing. He wasn't trying to do this directly to increase speed. He starts talking about it at 13 mins.
  12. At his extreme level of technical competence, I find it weird that he would change mechanics to increase speed, rather than just practice speed to go faster with the same swing. Less potential sure, but I doubt he intended to get into world long drive.
  13. I think he's more likely to replace his leg than his iron shafts.
  14. I've tested the KBS TD 70 category 5 quite a lot against the Ventus black 6x. The KBS doesn't feel as nice. Weirder to swing and less stable and solid. Works great to force a smooth swing though, up until around 115-120 mph. On fast swings (125-130ish) I found the KBS to be basically useless compared to the ventus however. Little control, high spin, and stupid high flight. Sample size of one shouldn't persuade anyone of course, but I certainly wouldn't recommend the KBS, especially in a long drive forum, and especially at the current price point. I did get my current record ball speed (193) with the KBS though, but again the flight was mostly useless. BTW, Mickelson switched from the KBS TD to the Ventus and then won the PGA, coincidence?
  15. Ventus yellow mellow Ventus green mean Ventus white whine Ventus purple stuff Ventus crystal clear Ventus grey granny Ventus rainbow pride Ventus beige ultra Ventus orange zest Ventus pink stink Feel free to use any of these Fuji
  16. I'll stop playing black if they release a darker color
  17. Agree, mental block is one of the biggest obstacles for most. "Swing as hard as you can" sounds like easy instructions, but it really takes practice and reviewing to do. Most I've seen when I ask them to swing 100% of their max are holding back.
  18. Not too familiar with american politics, if Tiger won each state where he's had a victory, would he win the election?
  19. Speed training can also help accuracy in a way. Because you can use shorter clubs of the tee and shorter swings on approach shots. I've found at least that a half swing with speed is more consistent than a slow-n-steady full swing.
  20. Apperantly Berkshire did all his training through weight litfting, explosive training (sprints), and hitting driver as hard as possible 3+ times a week. Plus technique training of course. No speed sticks or such. So there's no limit to how fast you can feasibly get without the speed sticks. I'm personally doubtful they have any uniqe value. I think the sticks and systems (stack, ryp, superspeed) can have great practical value for lots of people, because it gives something specific and engaging for people to work on. Sort of how many do better with group gym classes with lots of "fun" exercises, even though they could do just as well or better doing simple exercises on their own. The only thing you "need" for speed training is your driver and a radar. Then strength/power training to increase your potential. And of course technique training is huge for speed.
  21. Simulator screen, but already had one head fly into it so it seems up to the task!
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