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  1. Thanks for all the replies! Very much appreciated.
  2. Hi all. I’m going to pull my MMTs from a set of PXGs. I’ll use a shaft puller etc but I’ve heard getting the ferrules off can be a little tricky. This will be my first PXG pull so before I jumped in I thought I’d ask if any one has any gotchas to consider? I’d rather not mess up the MMTs . Thanks in advance.
  3. Has anyone tried Rapsodo Coach Connect lessons? I can’t really see any reviews of the service online other than how the app works.
  4. Tee method and adapter method tried - no dice ;-). I think they would have worked but I’m trying to blow off glued grips which is always hit or miss and the amount to lube with the less than solid make shift tip end just doesn’t hold.
  5. I've done this a bunch of times but I have never found a great way to block the end of the shafts and make them air tight. Its always a rigmarole. Has anyone found a good way / solution?
  6. I asked for +1/2” so it’s 50% away from spec not 0.67. Totally agree about the impact. I’ll never know.
  7. I’ll definitely take them out and give them a try. I wish I’d know they build 1/4” short and I’d love to hear from others that also have seen that with PXG. It would be great if they could just state that and then everyone could adjust accordingly. The ole Gucci triangle that has 4 sides is simply a piss take.
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