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  1. Thanks for all the replies! Very much appreciated.
  2. Hi all. I’m going to pull my MMTs from a set of PXGs. I’ll use a shaft puller etc but I’ve heard getting the ferrules off can be a little tricky. This will be my first PXG pull so before I jumped in I thought I’d ask if any one has any gotchas to consider? I’d rather not mess up the MMTs . Thanks in advance.
  3. Has anyone tried Rapsodo Coach Connect lessons? I can’t really see any reviews of the service online other than how the app works.
  4. Tee method and adapter method tried - no dice ;-). I think they would have worked but I’m trying to blow off glued grips which is always hit or miss and the amount to lube with the less than solid make shift tip end just doesn’t hold.
  5. I've done this a bunch of times but I have never found a great way to block the end of the shafts and make them air tight. Its always a rigmarole. Has anyone found a good way / solution?
  6. I asked for +1/2” so it’s 50% away from spec not 0.67. Totally agree about the impact. I’ll never know.
  7. I’ll definitely take them out and give them a try. I wish I’d know they build 1/4” short and I’d love to hear from others that also have seen that with PXG. It would be great if they could just state that and then everyone could adjust accordingly. The ole Gucci triangle that has 4 sides is simply a piss take.
  8. Yeah. I’d not argue with you on that at all. I brought these on a whim whilst recovering from wrist surgery so a fitting wasn’t really an option. I don’t plan on playing these for too long and will likely get back to a classic forged, fitted set towards the end of the year / with new products when they arrive. That’s assuming I’m not a super fan of these but who knows
  9. I was 50/50 on the adjustments but they are still very strong compared with my old gamers. I really did it to reduce the offset as mentioned above and get to a set that was balanced vs all out distance. We’ll see if that actually works out .
  10. Yeah, measuring is subjective and I don’t want to pay the cost of the return if all they are going to say is “that’s how we measure”. What’s you opinion on the following. On spec or not?: Here’s the spec sheet and measurement pics
  11. That’s good to know and more aligned to what I was expecting from PXG. I ordered these direct on a whim but I don’t think I’ll be a PXG customer again after their response. It’s a shame really because I still haven’t ever hit a ball with a PXG club and they’ve lost a customer by just being rubbish. They are so adamant they their build process couldn’t possibly be wrong that they really treat their customers like fools. Anyway, I’ll try their social and I’ll continue the convo with their support team (thanks for the steer). As it stands I have to pay to return the clubs and have them
  12. Has anyone else had issues with PXG build quality? I ordered some 0211s recently and they’ve arrived 1/4” short of spec. PXG are refusing to acknowledge an issue even through I’ve sent them pics and got the error / lengths validated by a couple of local shops. They are being really terrible when it comes to customer service and customer first.
  13. Hi all, Im starting a new build and want to use Nippon Pro 950GH or Neo’s for this set. I see that Nippon pre-cut these and they are rather short. Does anyone have some experience with these? What’s the best plan to get to +1”? Extensions or Soft Stepping? Or something else. thanks in advance!
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