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  1. Looking for a RH 2Ball Broomstick putter. At least 48”
  2. Looking for a Ping b90i long putter. Right handed. Center shaft. At least 48”.
  3. Definitely don’t need a new driver. Bought a B21 in late October. It’s got 3 rounds on it. Not gonna stop me from getting a new Epic Speed or Ping G425, though. Maybe a Cobra RAD. Or a used G400 Max. Pretty sure at this point I need therapy...
  4. Well that was easy. Probably should’ve seen that on my own Thanks!!
  5. Hey there!! I recently joined this forum after reading it for years. Don’t know what took so long, to be honest Anyways, I’m a club junkie who blows through equipment. I’m constantly buying new clubs on a whim because I want to try them. My local pro shop owner said I should just work there at this point. I don’t generally hang on to the stuff that I don’t end up gaming. Usually I sell it to friends or post them at courses that I play. I sell some on eBay (jerre_19). Always looking for stuff to buy, also. Just bought a set of G710 irons that I haven’t hit yet, but knowing me I’ll probabl
  6. I played mtb-x at the end of last season. Got a sleeve in a tournament and was very happy with them. Ended up ordering a couple dozen. Might become my ball this year, too
  7. Totally agree!! They are easily the best and easiest to play wedges I’ve ever had. I’m gonna grab a couple more. They’re on sale right now at Callaway Preowned in new condition for 100 bucks. I love the grey finish. I even like the way it’s aged. It’s part of the reason why I just purchased G710 irons. I like the way the dark club ages. Definitely not for everyone, but I love the look
  8. They’re awesome wedges, aren’t they?! I love them. That’s a great idea about using old ones to practice
  9. That’s incredible!!! You have a lot more resolve than I do. I’m a sucker for new gear
  10. Probably the route I’ll go. I like the full face in the 52, also. Looked at CBX full face but the lofts don’t go down that low. Also not crazy about the CBX in general. Had one for a bit, but it always felt like the leading edge was to far off the ground. I’m probably too picky
  11. I’m an admitted club ho, so I change stuff out often. But right now I’ve gamed PM Grind ‘19 wedges for 2 years. A 54 bent to 52, a 56 and a 60. This will be the third season. I’d say I play 40-50 rounds a year with range time ~3 times a week. Is it time? Would I see any noticeable benefit in a new set with fresh grooves? I mostly ask because I love the hi toe, full face style of PM’s and it doesn’t sound like Callaway is doing a new launch of them. TM makes the hi-toe but they’re not all full face. Any info/experience is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
  12. Anyone hear anything about new Callaway wedges? I’m wondering if they’re gonna bring out new PM Grind wedges since it’s been a couple years. Looking for new wedges and I love my PM grinds. I suppose if they don’t I could go with TM Hi-Toe. Anybody game those?
  13. I’ve been looking at the Super Hybrid!!! Thinking of swapping it in for my 5W. Obviously it’s in your bag so you like it, but do you have any comments on it? I don’t know anyone who games one
  14. New to the forum. I’ve always loved reading and finally joined. Don’t know what took me so long. I’m a club ho so I probably don’t stand a chance. Irons aren’t in the bag yet. They’ll be here in a couple days. Can’t wait! Wedges and a new hybrid could be in my future. But I’ll go for it anyway!! BB B21 Driver 9* Riptide 65X Sim Ti 3W Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 70X Sim Max 5W EvenFlow Blue 75X Sim Max 6H Ventus 7S G710 7-U Modus 105X PM Grind ‘19 54* bent down to 52* PM Grind ‘19 56* PM Grind ‘19 60* Ping Vault 2.0 B60 Copper custom built to 50” for s
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