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  1. You sound very similar to me. Swing speed, tendencies, etc. For a smooth shaft that’s not crazy cost wise I would go with Project X EvenFlow Black 75G 6.5 flex. It’s smooth with a nice kick, but still stout enough not to twist and it’s low spinning. Super easy shaft to swing. If you wanna go into the next cost level, you can’t go wrong with Ventus. I prefer the black after using both the Black and Blue during a fitting, but I easily could’ve gamed either. The shaft doesn’t torque. It’s insanely stable. I middle my driver constantly now. Good luck!!
  2. If my epic failures save just one wrxer soul, then this was all worth it
  3. Lmao!!! I thought I’ve tried everything. But I haven’t tried that. I’ve taken lessons with club pros, but you’re probably right, time to go to a putting coach. I did buy a new putter, though. Mostly because I can’t help myself. I got a new Spider
  4. Add Xander to the list of dudes who people fawn over who’ll never win a major. Like Fowler and Finau
  5. So was the play by play of me raking my yard this morning
  6. Have you heard that it’ll be a huge deal in Japan if he wins? I feel like I haven’t heard the announcers say that yet...
  7. Awfully boring tournament. But, it’s still the Masters. Any other week and this would be a snooze fest. No star power. Blowout victory in a group of also-rans
  8. It’s all over but the champagne and jacket ceremony.
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