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  1. I’ve wanted to try Left Dash for a little while. They’re never in stock anywhere around here to try a sleeve. My buddy started playing them and I tried one over the weekend. I loved the ball flight off the tee. Everything else was good, too. I definitely liked them, but they’re hard to get. I could order a dozen and wait for them from Titleist and really give them a full try, or I can grab ChromeSoft LS at my pro shop, since they’re always in stock. Have any of you tried both, and do you think I’d see a difference? I know Titleist is the king of balls, but the availability can be a pain. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  2. I’m sure it’s way off base for all you blade champion WRXers, but I chip with my hybrid. If it’s in the fringe or first cut of rough anywhere around the green, I use my hybrid. Off my front foot, basically a putter stroke. Impossible to chunk. Impossible to skull. It hops and rolls out and is very easy to control distance. I only use a wedge, either 56 or 60 if I have to get over something. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I think a lot of us golfers make the game more difficult than it needs to be. I’ve never seen the point of a million different specialty shots when it isn’t necessary. I guess I play boring golf. I use a driver that finds the fairway, irons that go straight, a 56 in the sand, and I don’t overthink it around the green. Bump it up and make putts.
  3. This is so much fun. God, I f****n love golf
  4. I have an M4 7 wood that’s a high launch model. It’s 24 degrees. It’s insanely easy to hit and gets up in the air quickly. Love that club. If your looking for higher launching irons I would try Big Bertha B21, SIM Max OS, Ping G710 or Cleveland Launcher. Those are 4 good sets of clubs that are designed to get the ball up quickly and are very forgiving on poor strikes. I’d try them with a lighter weight shaft that will help you with spin and getting the ball in the air. All of the clubs I mentioned have good stock shaft options available. If I were you I’d look at Modus 105, True Temper Elevate, or KBS Max 80 or 90 all in Regular flex. Good luck!!
  5. Wait a minute... A fitting???!!! I thought all you crazy WRXer folks just buy multiple sets and then sell them to each other on here
  6. So you sound a bit like me. I definitely want the thump of the 7 and 8 iron. But I play a variety of touch shots and shorter swings with my short irons. I really like 3/4 or even 1/2 backswing shots inside of 130 or so. I was thinking of grabbing an i210 PW and seeing how it goes. I’m not sure if the lofts will blend since my 710s are jacked and power spec, but maybe that’s the easiest way to see if I like them. Who knows maybe I’d need 2 different 8 irons for gapping
  7. Thanks everyone!! Lots of great info in this thread. Appreciate all the responses and I’ll take many of these ideas into consideration. Thanks again!!!
  8. I don’t even try to work the ball. I just focus on good contact and hitting it straight. If I get in trouble I work my way out of it by getting back into position, rather than trying to bend the ball. Might cost me a stroke, but it helps keep the bigger numbers down. I play boring golf. Just work on keeping everything straight.
  9. So I’ve always played GI irons. I think, anyways. They weren’t always declared GI back then. My first set was Zings. Been Ping all the way since then. I know 95% of you folks on here wouldn’t dream of playing GI irons, but I’m wondering when some of you made the switch? If ever? And what were the reasons? I hit my irons well. Honestly it’s the best part of my game. Rarely hit it fat or thin. At least not in the drastic terms of fat or thin. I’m not chunking 8 irons 90 yards or thinning 8 iron low line drives. Most of my buddies play smaller heads. Apex, JPX, P770, 210s, that kind of stuff. I look at those clubs in my pro shop and they look tiny. Kind of intimidating. I realize I’m just used to seeing a larger head, but I worry I’d start hitting them all kinds of messed up. I know all you low single handicaps probably don’t give a rats behind, but do any of you mere mortals like me have an opinion? Is “feel” the answer? What’s so bad about hitting straight iron shots but not having that softer feel? Or maybe I’m just crazy? Probably just crazy...
  10. Love the hybrid chip. Easily my favorite club to chip with. Little hop up and rolls out to the hole. Easy to practice and even easier to execute.
  11. I just got it and played a round and a range session so far with it. I definitely like it. Sounds great and the ball whistles coming off the face. Very hot. I’m not sure about the XC shaft, but I’ll keep working with it. I’m having better results with my Velocore so far
  12. I never use a full swing inside of 125 unless I have to hit a high, hard shot to go over a tree or something. Use a variety of lofts from 46-56. Never a full backswing. Come back to 9 or 10 o’clock and vary the flight by where I put the ball in my stance. Makes it simple to control distance and flight
  13. Geez. At this point maybe I’m better off just trading them in for a different set with the shafts that I want already in them. Maybe a set of Callaway or TM. Something easier to work on. Bummer because I’ve always loved Ping. It’s the only iron I’ve ever played
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