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  1. Nice to see Rory with the win today. Onward and upward.
  2. This is the type of Friday night pandemic interaction needed.
  3. Just want to see how well this ages.
  4. The big mistake by mini Playa was not having the balls stamped with his proprietary buoyancy principle. X man would have been sneaking those in for later like Tin Cup and Augusta membership would have been slap happy cool about it.
  5. I think it may be a touch too early to say he won’t win another major, although I do agree it is a very real possibility. A missed cut at Augusta has to sting. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the year plays out for him.
  6. Lol Classic WRX. I’ll bite. All the birdies leading into the 16th demonstrates that he was hitting too pure today and therefore, didn’t score well to close. It happens.
  7. I’m inclined to agree. And it may have clouded his judgement leading to the distance chase that no one can seem to understand but him, given that he was already exceedingly long. Still young, but the higher up the mountain, the more treacherous the path. I believe he can do it. But not like this.
  8. Unfortunately neither had much in the way of good play this week.
  9. Why stop at push carts? Why not go fully motorized, lowered, staggered wheels...hell, all the major manufacturers can put their stickers on the side of the carts ala NASCAR. Titleist Flex Seal Booster Juice Cologuard Taylor Made Goodyear (Motor Trolly Tires)
  10. Exclusive: Live reaction from Camp Feherty in reply to the OPs take!
  11. Great guy and player. Hard to not be given how long he’s been out there getting it done. He just can’t seem to win the big one but who knows. Maybe he can keep riding the momentum for this season and finally get there. Solo second has to feel pretty good at this stage in his career given the magnitude of this event and talent level out there.
  12. Very myopic decision by Team DJ. It’s an excellent opportunity to bring home the gold, while immersing himself in the perfect fish out of water environment for a dramatic film about all of his experiences.
  13. Is it as simple as this, his position at the top and extension through impact has migrated over the last few years and a lack of confidence from there? The bottom line is he is not playing well given his caliber and has stated he his concerned. I would be too. I like Rory. This isn’t a thread to be mean spirited, but to discuss how he gets back to what he was and the changes that includes.
  14. This is why I felt it was needed at this point, given his acknowledgment of it and the specifics from today.
  15. His downward trajectory seems to be accelerating. His comments after today’s Second Round at The Player’s were brutally honest; chasing speed, distance and in his own words, “to the detriment of his swing.” He sounds officially lost and man enough to admit it. That’s a good place to start. I was going to post some stats but let’s start here. Where does he go from here? Can he get out of it? Do you see big changes coming; coach, caddy, swing back to what it was or something different? He’s under pressure; his own and apparently Bryson’s.
  16. Society has been dumbed down enough with forums and social media. Do I really need to listen to “The Scientist” remind me how I only have three Degrees while he’s wearing shorts? They can’t handle wearing pants? Take up Frolf.
  17. We appreciate your ability and dedication to honing your craft and making the most money possible in our capitalist society, but we’ll see you in hell before we listen to you drone on about the products and services that made the event and your success possible. Be good.
  18. Way too factual and rational. Go around and we’ll try it again.
  19. The Tour might be chasing distance but they’re not doing a great job of it. Why, just compare the average PGA Tour distance with the WRX distance. https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.101.html
  20. If I pick the course, and the conditions are just right, and I play my natural shot shape, and I take less than driver off the tee of all 4 Pars, and I hit my trap draws into the fat side of the green, and stay extra down on it in less than ideal conditions should they shift during the round, than no.
  21. Yes, well said. Even if he doesn’t make it nice to see him trying to be better and setting goals etc.
  22. How’s this one looking, Rog? Like and miss Roger and Johnny.
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