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  1. I picked up a set recently and coming from a set of 710mbs they are quite a bit more forgiving. One of the better feeling blades I’ve hit
  2. Love the raw look of these MB2’s. Traded for this set and I feel they will be in the bag for a while.
  3. I am waiting on a shaft in the mail so I haven’t rolled it yet. I don’t think it will make a difference as this seemed like the most popular way to remove an insert.
  4. Well I decided to go another direction with this putter and did an oil can finish. Basically torched it and quenched it in used motor oil. It turned out not too bad. Good enough for me. I will definitely be gaming this. I did end up taking out the insert. I was a painless process. Just boiled water and plucked it out. It came out undamaged. Redid the paint full and good to go!
  5. I went with a set of 710mb’s this year. I do have newer clubs at the top end though.
  6. Lol, bad reflection. If you look close that's a table and a rocking bassinette holder. The club is actually mint.
  7. +1 for this. I took out my 4 iron for a zu85 23°. Love it.
  8. Picked this up on sale at Callaway Pre Owned
  9. I recently purchased a cheap little heel shafted Ping Sedona i putter. It's in not bad shape and has a great feel to it. I am looking at refinishing this with the Stainless Steel Blackener, but I am curious about the insert. I have attached pictures for reference. It has an insert on it that is a plastic like material. I'm curious if I would be able to either tape it or put the blackener right over top of it? If I have to remove it, does anyone have any experience removing the insert? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks,
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