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  1. They don’t exist as far as I know…. Set of forged 962b’s would be my dream set of irons
  2. If you have a shaft puller…. just put the pulling plate on top of the ferrule and push it back down.
  3. I still play the old versions of the aldila nv65 and proforce 75 gold. Picked up the new versions of each of them and the aldila felt good but the new version of the proforce feels soft/whippy to me. Haven’t been able to test them outside yet so I can’t see what they are doing.
  4. Not if it’s done right
  5. Hack saw blade works well or a big piece of threaded rod
  6. That’s weird.... ive been putting clubs together for 20+ years and never had one fail like that. is it old epoxy? I don’t even know if the stuff goes bad. And like Stuart mentioned, I always keep the left over epoxy and see how it hardens before I toss it
  7. Are you taking the steel shaft down to bare metal? I’m assuming it’s a steel shaft maybe bad epoxy or wasn’t mixed in the correct ratio? How’s the shaft fit into the head? sloppy?
  8. I picked up the golfworks 450.00 spec gauge. It does the job and is pretty simple to use. It measures woods as-well.
  9. Thanks Up against the cabinets, no rack.
  10. This is my setup The bench was there when I moved in. I mounted the loft and lie machine on a stand up by the garage door(in front of the ladder) so I can use it when the truck is parked inside. Most of my tools and components are in the cabinets, like my shaft puller and club clamps that go in the vise. Have 6 old staff bags I use for shafts and extra clubs.
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