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  1. figured it out after staring at your pictures for a while, it’s part of the wood bending deal that I’m missing. I was stumped for a while trying to figure out what these were for
  2. Thank you! that was just what I was looking for. I have so many more questions, but there is so little on the web about it and the company.
  3. Love these irons! I played them in college and through my mid 20’s before switching to the brand new 690 cb’s at the time. Still have 2 sets that are in great shape. 2-pw and a 3-pw that i think about throwing in the bag from time to time.
  4. Thanks for the info!! the more I play with it, in realizing how many nice features this thing has on it. Super stoked About this purchase
  5. I really got lucky with this bender. I had no idea what I had until I got home and really started looking at it, really solid piece!
  6. I agree, but Have no idea how to do that or what needs to be removed. Was hoping to find a manual online but this company didn’t make very many of these from what I’ve gathered so far
  7. I’ve searched the web and have only found a few bits a piece about this bender. Can anyone point me in the right direction or help with identifying a few extra parts that came with the purchase
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