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  1. Looks is number one for me. Ideally I’d love for it to feel great and perform great, but I’d give a slight edge to performance over feel
  2. Around 2-6 depending on what the stakes are I switch off between a S2h2 with a gd purple ice 65 tipped and a great big Bertha warbird with a proforce 75 tipped. Great off the tee and easy to hit off the deck for myself.
  3. Just went from a 905t to a ts4 in the last year. Off center strikes are a touch better, center strikes are identical for me. I’m still getting used the the adjustable hosel. It has its pros and cons
  4. I’ve ran into this with some old irons that were not pinned. I didn’t care about the shaft so I just squashed the shaft in the vice. Heated it up and grabbed the head with a thick glove and got to twisting and yanking.
  5. Any version of the Aldila nv, nvs rip in 65 grams for the driver(green ones) The old proforce 75(yellow and purple) for my fairway woods dynamic gold s300/s400 for the irons
  6. Lol id agree with that The backs should be in good shape with all that protection
  7. Yeah, looks like a bunch of old lead tape
  8. Thanks They were in storage for over a decade while I took a break from the game, so my games still a bit rusty lol
  9. Titleist ts4 1 year callaway Gbb warbird 3 wood 23 years Callaway gbb warbird 5 wood 23 years titleist 690 cb 3-w 19 years Vokey 254 21 years vokey 258 21 years newport mid slant pp 22 years 130 is my score
  10. Calipers would be the easiest way to determine the tip size
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