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  1. I’m still stuck on my old trusty great big Bertha titanium warbirds. They don’t have the thin springy faces like the new stuff, but they are so easy to hit off the deck. They sit a touch closed from the factory, but with a little massaging in the right spots they will sit square or open if you want. (and they cost almost nothing these days)
  2. Agree with this ^^^ I picked these up because I was having a hard time finding my tour velvet cords. They are a really nice grip for the price.
  3. I didn’t feel comfortable and ordered my shafts from someone else. Good to know they are legit for any future purchases.
  4. Tour velvet full cords for the past 22 years.
  5. If it were me and those were my only 2 options, I would extend them. I like my gear to be as perfect as it can be so I would be looking for another set of shafts
  6. Looking at purchasing some shafts on their website. Address looks legit on maps, it in Florida. Tried calling them and it just rings and goes to voicemail. Anyone ever buy from them using their website or in person? https://www.thegolfclubtrader.com/pages/contact-us
  7. I’ve got shafts that are 20 years old that I’ve glued up in Titleist adaptors for my ts4. Some of them have been pulled multiple times. As long as everything is in good shape and was pulled properly. Nothing to worry about
  8. I was looking at those Japan cpt shafts on eBay last week. I almost bought them until I read that same post from true temper that they were counterbalanced. I emailed the seller and he said they weren’t counterbalanced(I took tt word over his). The price was so good, I really hated passing them up. I went with the amt x100 ss1 instead, hopefully they work out
  9. It should do the Job Ive personally never used that one. I think you would be better off/happier getting the next model up (179.00).
  10. https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-golf-club-gauge/p/gw1040/ This is the one I settled on RobotDoctor Takes some time to get the hang of it, but once you do it’s pretty simple.
  11. Do you have a spec gauge? Or are you taking your measurements strait from the L/L machine? I learned the hard way when I first got my L/L machine that it’s not an exact measurement like a spec gauge. The higher lofted clubs on my bender are the farthest off when I measure them in the spec gauge to verify.
  12. You probably didn’t bend them. They most likely slid in the clamping jaws and read your 2* adjustment. what kind of loft/lie machine is it? Forged or cast irons?
  13. I picked this up online without looking at one in person…. Do these have no grooves on the face, just some laser etched fake ones? I haven’t purchased a new driver since the 905t.
  14. Not sure what profiles they are… Been playing the original proforce 75’s in my fairway woods. aldila 65 green nv’s(nxt, original, and rip) in my drivers
  15. I’ve got a brand new one from my dads stash (wood shaft). It’s a lot heavier than I expected, 125g at 46” Was going to try it until I found out how heavy it was….
  16. They don’t exist as far as I know…. Set of forged 962b’s would be my dream set of irons
  17. If you have a shaft puller…. just put the pulling plate on top of the ferrule and push it back down.
  18. I still play the old versions of the aldila nv65 and proforce 75 gold. Picked up the new versions of each of them and the aldila felt good but the new version of the proforce feels soft/whippy to me. Haven’t been able to test them outside yet so I can’t see what they are doing.
  19. Not if it’s done right
  20. Hack saw blade works well or a big piece of threaded rod
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