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  1. would love to see pictures if you dont mind sharing.
  2. 11 hdcp, still rocking the og RBZ 3 wood.
  3. 3wood, 3 hybrid, 5 hybrid, irons start at 6. 5 hybrid is just so much easier to hit compared to an iron.
  4. I've been using birdicorn 6 in 1 ball markers for a while. Love it!
  5. If anyone has experience hitting all 3 current lines PXG hybrids, please chime in. I just don't really see or understand how big of a difference there really could be. I understand that adjustable weight is great and easier to dial it in to your specs. but is there really that much difference between each line?
  6. If you're willing to separate head and shaft, I am interested in the head.
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