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  1. I bought the Stability Shaft when it was first released years ago and was planning on a build but life happened and I actually forgot about it. If my memory serves me correctly, it should be a .370 tip. The Stability Shaft goes over the hosel FYI.
  2. I believe the Ventus blue has a different kick profile then the 105 Modus. I tried the Ventus blue velocore Hybrid shaft and was all over the place. Went back to the Kura Kage shaft and was much better. both with the same 80gram.
  3. I got the AD VR shaft in my Sim2 Max 5 wood, no hookies for me. The Ventus shaft that it came with was definitely more wild.
  4. Haven't had the chance to roll this yet on course, but I love the look and feel on carpet.
  5. I haven't tried the DG but I currently have the 105 Stiff in my P770s. My 7 iron swing speed is high 80's/low 90's, carry average around 165. All I can say is that I absolutely love this combination! I get a nice penetrating high ball flight with good spin. The bend profile of this shaft works great for my swing.
  6. Just saw this on CT Pan IG. https://www.uswingeyewear.com/h-product-detail.html?goods_id=3193123
  7. +1 for the Z grip. I like the firmer feel of these grips.
  8. Just finished this install to continue my 3 putt streak...
  9. Still don't think I ever received my order from them.....
  10. Green Therabar was what did it for me. But it took about a year for it to go away. I even rubbed EMU oil on it and different anti inflammatory as well.
  11. I play Modus 105 Stiff in my irons all the way to Gap wedge. Sand and Log wedge are Modus 115 Wedge Shaft Stiff. Sometimes I feel like I should've gone R flex to get a little more feel...
  12. Gotta ask Drake, he also got NOCTA P790s as well.
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