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  1. According to my friend who’s a manager at Costco they should start rolling out mid to late February
  2. The rotating front wheel i tested at their store that you said you liked was really flimsy where it attached. Is that something you can tighten up or is that just a bad model? Also I really appreciate all of your feedback. Thanks
  3. Why do you prefer the fixed wheel to the swivel? I was actually just at tgw testing some out this evening. There are two fixed front models. One has connecting points on each side of the wheel and the other (seemed way flimsier) rotated under the center beam for when you are storing it.
  4. Do you ever have issues with the swivel wheel plowing or alignment/tracking issues when it’s locked straight?
  5. I’m looking to get a push cart (birthday coming up next month) and was wondering if swivel wheel carts have issues. I’ve used my friends clickgear 4.0 and it’s great and I’ve hear they are really reliable but they are impossible to find right now. Saw the clicgear swivel model at my local golf shop and was wondering if people have issues with it tracking or locking? The guy said the front wheel can sometimes not roll and just plow and can cause it to crash. Has anyone had any of these issues with it or similar models from other brands like caddytek?
  6. What brand/model do you use? I’m in the market for the same thing giving up on golf style shoes. Chodechaos were comfortable in store but painful after a round bc they creased and dug into side of foot/pinky toe. Can’t seem to find a lower profile/drop goretex TR
  7. The outer layer is kinda hard material and while walking where the left shoe creases it dug into my pinky toe and hurt after 9 holes. I liked them before noticing that and they worked well when I played in a soaking wet corse with snow around still. Luckily DSG took them back and I’m getting some goretex trail runners now for cheaper and way more comfort
  8. Started golfing this summer and all of the clubs are ‘new’ to me but I just got the driver and irons (actually new) recently to complete the bag. Have hit under 100 each game since getting the irons last week.
  9. I started golfing this summer and have made a spreadsheet to track a lot of data just for fun. I finally have enough rounds (26) to have a handicap. Is index the best way to tell someone my current skill level? I also have like differentials and course handicap calculated. I usually golf at courses around 70-72 / 124-132 rating and slope and noticed while I was on vacation this winter break in AZ that most of the courses I was at those types of ratings were the back tees (where I'm from they are the closest men's tees) and the closes ones were usually in the upper 60s with slope of
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