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  1. What made you go PXG ? Curious as you are obviously a Ping guy haha
  2. Love the floral headcover, are the wedges raw?
  3. Hey there, so recently got myself into a Gapr Lo 3 iron. I noticed that the head could be put on my Ventus blue Velocore shaft I usually use for my Sim Ti 5 wood. Was curious if anyone else has experimented with similar use of shafts?
  4. I play a white 65.04 in my driver but can get a great deal on a purple hybrid 100 x stiff purple so wondering how it will play out
  5. I’m asking if the X stiff plays more like a Stiff, I know they are different profiles. Most that have tried both tell me the Purple plays a firmness down, just curious if anyone can confirm if it does
  6. Currently weighing getting an Oban Purple Kiyoshi shaft for my utility iron. I know the profile is way different than the white kiyoshi in my driver. Wondering with the “whippiness” of the purple if an X stiff will play more like a stiff ?
  7. photo quality is what keeps me coming back to this thread
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