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  1. Interesting degree gap from driver onward. I’ve been thinking of making the change from Driver, 4 wood and 7 wood. how has your set up worked for you ?
  2. Thanks, literally changing everything but the putter and wedges though
  3. Its a great putter and the roll it promotes is amazing
  4. jealous of the raw wedges, might strip mine to make them raw
  5. P2 putter grips I found help me keep my hands out of it and use more shoulders. I used the Classic Core
  6. How did you enjoy these irons, was looking into a set myself
  7. Hey there, so currently I am playing TC 201 from Miura, I have also played Mc501s before that. Wondering if anyone has tested sub 70 and what model you would recommend for a similar club head. Thanks in advance
  8. how do you like it so far ? I ordered a sand one
  9. excited to get mine this week!
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