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  1. Probably hitting a shot with that other guys club, he is locked up with Titleist
  2. Finally got my T200 3 utility, got it custom fitted with an AV Raw white 90x, 1 degree flat. Coming from the U500 which had an Atmos TS Black 9x. Weight of the 2 clubs are pretty much the same, the AV Raw feels less harsh for sure and a bit smoother. The head is a touch larger than the U500 but barely noticable, a tiny bit more offset also but nothing of concern for those who hate offset (like I do). I have to say the head looks much better at address than the U500 but the proof is in the performance. Granted I switched shafts but the weight and torque are pretty much the same between the two. The sound was better for me than the U500, especially on a slight mishit. I noticed a higher flight - not sure if that's a combo of the shaft and head design but it was much easier to launch than my U500 which has the Atmos Black. It's early days but overall i'm pleased with the upgrade, deffo a step up in looks and also performance so far over the U500 and streets ahead of the older TMB. If you are in the market for a new long iron or driving iron you have to try this, plus the custom shaft offering here in the UK for this is superb- loads of no upcharge quality shafts and my wait time was only around 6 weeks, although I did order not long after release date!
  3. Did you try the U500 with same shaft? I am waiting on T200 3 with AV Raw white 90x, currently have U500 3 iron with Atmos Black TS 9x, love it but can feel a touch harsh on off days, when i'm on its incredible. I think its partly the shaft and the head. Have only heard good things about the T200 utility and love the tensei white profile.
  4. Bump - I appreciate most folks may not have had chance to try the T200 utility yet...
  5. Bump - anyone had chance to test this shaft yet?
  6. I have the U500 also in the 3 iron, Atmos Black 9x, just ordered T200 utility 3 iron with Tensei AV raw white 90x as really enjoy the Pro White in my 3 wood, feel the Atmos lacks in feel but U500 is a great club! Any improvement would be immense!
  7. Has anyone had chance to hit the new T200 utility yet and have any comparisons to the U500 in terms of looks, offset and feel (oh and performance)? Last week at the WGC a few Titleist staffers changed from the U500 to the T200 utility, and loads had them in play at the Open. Even JT put the T200 2 iron in play for the Open which is the 1st event that he has dropped the 915 5 wood in the last few years! Cheers.
  8. Apologies if this has been discussed already but couldn't find much via google etc. Has anyone had any experience with this shaft yet? It is showing as a custom option for the new T200 utility, I currently play the normal PW 70TX in my 3 wood and love the feel. Currently playing the U500 3 iron with an Atmos Black TS 9x, goes great but always felt it lacks in feel. Eying up the 90x in the AV Raw white with the T200, torque and weight would be pretty much the same so can only hope I would gain in feel as that is the missing piece with my U500 with the atmos black. Aside from the lack of boron tip assume feels would be similar to the old Pro White TX? Looks to still retain a firm tip with softer handle etc etc.. Unable to test this shaft anywhere hence looking for some feedback from you guys. Cheers!
  9. Does anyone know what the shaft matrix will be for the T200 utility build outwith the RDX and GD upcharge options? When I custom ordered my U500 last year there was loads of other options, some with a charge and some not. I ended up with a Atmos Black TS 9x, looks sweet in the white but curious if any new options this year. Mark Crossfield was reviewing one and he was sent the T200 utility 3 iron with a Tensei AV Raw blue...
  10. Any chance of an updated WITB of Rickie Fowler? I know we have had a few in the past from him but would be good to get updated specs on his driver and 3 wood, now has the TB in the driver (I assume the 70g shortened) and a totally new 3 wood in play? Cheers
  11. That's all good mate but again, if it really made a difference they would all do it. And again tests have been done where people have stuck things on to a clubhead and it made zero difference (to basically debunk the turbulator claims). You gained between 2 different heads but you have bought into the marketing if you believe its due to those lumps. It's a bit like that thing sticking out the back of the SIM, made no difference to clubhead speeds on any test I have seen. Str8Putt made an important observation above - golf is as much mental as it is physical. If you like the look and feel of a particular head it can increase confidence massively, can gain artificially just by that. I'll never be convinced no matter how many engineering terms are thrown at me
  12. Just to add as much as I am a gear nerd i'm also a realist, we all know a lot of the modern visible tech claims have been debunked
  13. Nice technical jargon but at the same time, nonsense. Glad you got a gain, but you didn't get 2.5mph gains from those lumps on the top of the crown, not a chance. If they actually worked all manufacturers would have them?! they are far too small and insignificant to make any difference, it's all marketing. the fact that the clubheads were different weights shows instantly its not really a true comparison. The head works for you though and that's all that matters! lumps on the top or not!
  14. They don't make any difference, people have tested hitting drivers with stuff glued on to the head, made zero difference. It's all marketing and identity, a unique selling point at best.
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