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  1. My bigger concern with sharing the course with newbs is their cavalier approach to safety , it irks me no end to be near missed by a mis hit ball with NIL warning , it’s selfish behaviour that should have no place as we all share the course and owe it to one and other , in Aus just this week a poor elderly chap has died after being hit in the head by a ball, now I don’t pretend to know the details other than it underlines how dangerous this game can be
  2. I do like my Cleveland hybrids however recently purchased Callaway rogue 4hy and it is very sweet to hit , very sweet
  3. No not at all , generally fairly timid creatures that scatter as you approach, very occasionally you hear stories where ones gone rogue and attacked someone , is rare though
  4. Just started gaming these , replacing an old set of TM Rocketbladz. I’ve never hit my irons better , big fan
  5. Summer here in Australia, my home course in Melbourne
  6. I reckon playing behind the Friday arvo drunks at a public course , 5 hours later once was my final inspiration to join a club . There’s only so much you can take 2-3 shots ea off the tee sideways , riotous laughter . Stuff that
  7. Same here , can think of plenty better things to do in pouring rain than play golf
  8. Reminded me of a holiday a few years back where an old friend suggested I look him up and we’d Play golf together , I knew he was good having spent a brief time as a tour professional, He generously organised a set of clubs , everything yet I couldn’t hit the side of a barn as I didn’t feel worthy in their esteemed company , I think I’ll settle for catching up for lunch next time
  9. At a fork in a road in life 10years ago , I joined a local golf club, at the very least it saved my marriage and more. Met so many good people , my life would be a vacuum without it ,, oh and it’s a great game to play , health fitness , fun and the camaraderie from being a club member , Ive never looked back
  10. Get to the range and smack a lot of balls , I got a new set of sticks just prior to Christmas and have been twice a week since, that’s probably over 500 balls , that’ll do it has helped get my covid busted game back on the rails
  11. I prob should have qualified higher markers seeking a solution off the tee are oft left disappointed with driving irons , it’s my experience in club golf , I don’t know anyone who has one in the bag as a permanent fixture . Low markers will use a long iron, and as I say higher markers would be suited to hybrids
  12. Driving irons are a complete waste of time, those searching for a saviour are oft left disappointed. For a teen HC I’d highly recommend a couple of hybrids in the bag in favour of long irons or fairway woods , set up like a mid iron and fire away
  13. Hiya , 50 something club golfer , 14hc , love the game , play most weekends ,if I’m lucky sometimes twice
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