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  1. Launch 11.3 spin 2200 I like the tsi3 head I just prefer more consistant out of the shaft. Some time the tensei have a big kick some time it dose not.
  2. It already a 10degree head at b3 setting.
  3. Got941

    Tsi3 driver

    Best driver for me with the adjustability and low spin. Kicked the taylormade driver out of the bag. Only thing I dislike is the glossy finish on the crown.
  4. Looking for a new shaft for my tsi3 driver. Right now swinging tensei av raw blue 65x ss 116-120 I’m between the red or the blue I would like to have a little higher flight. Which one would be a better fit? Or any other shaft to consider
  5. I have the mcc midsize plus4 they feel a little big in my bottom hand but getting use to them prefer rougher z cord. It dosent allow me to move the ball flight much anymore. Might go to standard midsize next time.
  6. You can always go any store that have mizuno fitting cart and try their shaft optimizer. It not perfect but it’ll give you a good base line on what shaft you should be looking at.
  7. About 92mph club head avg speed but I do love heavy shaft for tempo. I think the shaft is great it have a lot of feel to it compare to other shaft in that weight range.
  8. Can’t go wrong with mizuno irons. Titleist are just always firm feeling while you get the buttery soft feel with mizuno.
  9. Kbs is softer in the tip help launch higher and added spin. they usually spin more than the x100 when I try them on gc quad.
  10. If you’re at standard A1 you can try to go c4 or b4 it’ll help with the height. where is the weight in the back at?
  11. I see them in store at pga store near my house.
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