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  1. I’m looking at laurel oak suppose to be a good track with a lot of events. We use to play at gator creek so we’re looking for something that offer similar level of golf.
  2. I saw on mizuno it said 5-6 weeks lead time now seem like forever to wait for golf clubs!
  3. Do you guys loft up or loft down your tsi3? I got fitted using a 10degree head and using b3 setting I think it adding more loft to the 10 degree already.
  4. Project x 6.5 is like their X stiff so it wouldn’t comparable to 120 stiff shaft. Specially if you have aggressive tempo. I believe the $ taper is the stock shaft mizuno use for those irons.
  5. Looking to join a private club in Sarasota, what the best value?
  6. Still waiting on my mizuno jpx 921 tour, ordered on 12/22 still haven’t hear any update on them.
  7. The wait is killing me. It my first new set of clubs I didn’t know I was going to be waiting months!
  8. Tsi3 10degree with tensei Av raw blue 56&60 sm8 d grind
  9. How long do you guys have to wait for mizuno irons? I ordered my custom 921tour on dec 22th, and was told Jan 7. I still haven’t got an update or ship date.
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