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  1. Great advice and something that I honestly didn't even consider. I think it's easy to get caught up in a whirlwind when you're looking into new equipment-I'm probably more than guilty of that!! I think my main priority at the moment is to upgrade my irons before my driver
  2. So I only recently took up the sport and started out with a generic "box set" of clubs to get me started until I got to a point where I knew the basics and knew it was something I'd be happy to invest a little more money into. I'm now at a point where I'd like to start upgrading from my box set so any advice would be amazing. I've done a little research and have the below ideas but I could be way off the mark so any input on my choices or alternative options would be great (I've already upgraded my putter and wedges so I'm looking for advice on Irons and Driver) *Although I'm now w
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