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  1. In search of a right handed set of 545 or 565 in excellent condition. It’s a plus if shafts are modus 105. Heads are also fine. Thanks!
  2. Looking for Srixon 545 or 565 Iron heads, 4-PW in RH. no shafts needed. needs to be in excellent shape.
  3. Looking for Callaway CF19 Apex Iron heads, 4-PW in RH. no shafts needed. needs to be in excellent shape.
  4. Looking to buy a fairway length AD DI 7S shaft. Needs to measure 42.5 or longer with no tipping. No adapter needed
  5. Looking for the aftermarket Ahina in a 3 wood length, 43 inches is ideal. needs to have the ION finish. stiff flex only
  6. Looking for a 3 wood length Diamana 'ilima in 70 stiff. I’m looking for the aftermarket shaft with the Flowerband and ION paint finish.
  7. Want to buy the real deal Diamana Ahina driver shaft with the Ion paint. Stiff shaft, 44 inches with NO tipping. Taylor made adapter a plus.
  8. looking for a set of Modus 105 stiff iron shafts, 5-PW in standard length.
  9. Looking for a mint mizuno stz in right hand. 9.5 head, no shaft needed.
  10. Looking for a 3 wood length graphite design 7 in stiff flex. No adapter needed. New graphics a plus
  11. Looking for the aftermarket "real deal" Ahina in stiff flex. not looking for the stock version, i am looking for the ION finish version, needs to be 44 inches, TM adapter is a plus.
  12. Looking for a GD AD DI 85 hybrid in stiff flex with new graphics. Needs to be 38.5 inches long. No adapter needed.
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