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  1. Tommy Armour 845 knock offs 3-PW. Been trying to replace them for 15 years....can't. Nothing comes close....especially with awesome old skool lofts....PW is 48
  2. 0000 Steel wool can be purchased anywhere? Is 0000 what you call zero grade?
  3. I just lost close to $200 on a restocking fee with PXG.....NEVER get fitted when you cannot hit off actual turf....especially if you have a steep delivery. I will not bore you with the gory details. Anyway, to your subject....a buddy of mine just bought the 0311T gen 2's and had them shortened 1/2 inch....they arrived and they are all C7's...the PXG fitter put him in Stiffs, which amazed me almost as much as letting him purchase Tour blades....this guy can only break 100 on a good day....I can only imagine how boardy those irons must feel to him. I called PXG for him, and the guy told me th
  4. Just purchased a like new Cleveland 588 Tour Action chrome wedge that I'd like to give a brushed chrome appearance without putting swirly marks/scratches in it. A local golfsmith told me to start out with a scotchbrite pad (maroon color) and then finish with the scotchbrite (gray color)....cannot find these in ANY store...I was thinking maybe using just really soft steel wool. Anyone have any suggestions....I'd like to make this simple, and be able to purchase the item/s at a store near me...thx!!!
  5. Had my original Chrome 588 dechromed years ago and it took 3 swing weights off of it. It wore out, and I bought a mint replacement on ebay. Anyone know a SIMPLE way for me to do that again myself....D5 is just to heavy....grown used to it being a D2. None of the local shops want to port it for me at a reasonable price....$40....come on. Somebody told me coca cola, but I really do not see that removing chrome finish....and I obviously cannot remove the head myself. Any simple and pain free ideas would certainly be appreciated!!!
  6. ------The only thing I am hanging onto is the search for finding that magical driver. Ping G10
  7. Back between 2000 - 2005 I could buy a dozen of these for $9.99 at Oshmans Sporting Goods.....AWESOME ball...best feeling ball I've ever played. Bridgestone then took over making them, and they were never the same. I used to game the Maxfli DDH as well...nice ball. BTW, I saw the Pinnacle Exception referred to earlier....I had a Cleveland rep swear to me once that Vijay Singh actually used this ball with Titleist Pro V1 stamped on it.
  8. it is a Odyssey Dual Force 2 #2 Center Shafted...I need to remove quite a bit of weight.....feels like a sledgehammer to me.
  9. Anyone know what kind of drill bit to purchase to remove some weight from the bottom of my Odyssey? And can it be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot? I'd like to purchase just one bit...not a pack of 10+ different sizes that I'll never use. I assume that I'll need to tape the bottom of the putter before drilling to avoid slippage when initially starting hole/s. Thank you in advance!
  10. -------Yeah pretty much you are not getting your hands on one like his. Haha....already knew that. That'w why I bought a Center Shafted Dual Force 2 #2 last nite on ebay
  11. So these different "tour issued only" designs have already been manufactured and ready for testing by the pros at the fittings? If not, you will need to be VERY high up the food chain to have special engineering/tooling/molding at the ready for you.
  12. Thanks...I figured that it was made just for him. How high up on the food chain do you have to be to swing that? It can't be cheap. And why would a company want to do that, only to then disappoint the masses who may want to buy that exact model? It sure is an attractive putter...and I normally do not give mallets a second thought.
  13. What is the EXACT model??? If you cannot tell by the pics, it is red in color. Cannot find it for sale or advertised anywhere with the plumbers neck AND white face.
  14. What in the blazes is going on.....the 2021 0211's just came out TWO WEEKS ago, and already marked down....what is going on???
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