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  1. Same for me. Irons have been reasonably straight. Towards the end of the season I would be taking 5 iron to the tee due to lack of consistency with the 1... Nothing worse then playing with someone you don't know. Aiming the driver a hole over and then hitting a clean straight one !
  2. Thanks all. I deff plan on getting some lessons to help with grip and swing path... Will check out some of these recommendations and as I will probably go with something cheaper and save the money for when I can aim down the correct fairway!
  3. Yes agree ...if only the right club would fix that.... but Finally starting to play enough to make some tweaks and some lessons are in order when the season gets going. That being said my callaway razar x is dead and I will need somewhere to start the season. Thinking pre-owned is probably the best idea. Up in Canada we do not have a ton of options for retailers and sales and the 2020/2021 drivers are expensive for someone with a big slice
  4. Recommendations for a lefty with a shallow swing path and a ton of side spin, and average swing speed. Should I be considering a draw bias or an offset ?
  5. Hi there. I am looking for a driver recommendations for a lefty golfer with a shallow approach and generally a very high side spin rate that normally has me aiming a fairway or two to the right... Should I be considering draw dias or even offset heads ?
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