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  1. I know this is an old topic for many, but this is the first time I have tried to cold blue a wedge. Thought I'd upload a pic in case others want to see how it turned out (as i looked for picture myself before trying). I used Birchwood Casey perma blue and I am really happy with how it turned out. I have no idea how it will hold up, so if anyone has some experience with this stuff when it comes to wear, that would be really great to hear. I may also try it on an old set of irons that I have, but I assume i will need to strip the irons down before it works, so if anyone has some sugg
  2. That's great everyone, much appreciated. My gut feeling was they would be fine, but I always second guess myself. Just wanted to see what people think before I pull the trigger. And there was a question on the blanks, I think I am going to get them from toura golf, they told me they have 1020 carbon forged blanks coming in April so hopefully this all comes together as planned.
  3. I've been trying to read up on using shims, but keep finding mixed reviews. Long story short, I am planning on ordering some blank wedge heads and the ones I am ordering are .370. I will need some shafts to go in them obviously. I see RBG has some very cheap wedge shaft (under $2 a piece) but they are .355. It would be great to get a deal like that on the shafts, but I am concerned that in cheaping out, i'll be lessening the performance and longevity of the clubs to the point it's just not worth it. I get that using shims will never be as good as just buying the right size, but if
  4. yea i have been looking at them for a while too, might pull the trigger when they get new stock in the spring.
  5. TouraGolf.com has blanks for sale too. They often sell on ebay as well.
  6. Touragolf.com has unbranded/ blank clubs too. Only issue is it seems that they sell out quickly when they do new production runs.
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