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  1. Haha you nailed it. Cink hasn’t even teed off and I’ve heard it mentioned a dozen times. Also that his son plays disc golf and is quite good at it.
  2. Beauty looking course. Just wondering, though, who’s on the bag for Cink this week?
  3. Great video! At the very end when it cuts to golf how come Matsuyama has 2 caddies (or 2 guys with bibs with his name on it at least)?
  4. I had to rewind all the way back and see Leishman’s chip for...reasons. You guys are a bad influence haha.
  5. The first “organic matter” that I’ve heard so far this year! Lol
  6. Yikes, Spieth might want to yell “fore” there.
  7. Pops99

    Foley hate?

    On a zoom call over the winter with some Canadian teaching pros, Foley admitted that he used to say things to sound smart when he was a younger coach. Says he’s really worked to tone it down and make it easier to understand. Not sure if he has but kind of confirms what a lot of you are saying on here about the way he taught/teaches.
  8. I’m a huge Koepka fan but I totally get why other people don’t like him. On the flip side, I can’t stand Bryson but I get why others do like him. Fandom is weird and irrational at times haha
  9. Will be similar to what Jamie Sadlowski has been trying to do. It’s a tough transition from long drive to tour competition. I’m not a fan of Kyle buy I don’t fault a guy for trying.
  10. Aaron Wise was put on the clock yesterday. JB Holmes needs to start his round on the clock. This is already ridiculous.
  11. Pray for Matt Jones, stuck playing with JB Holmes today.
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