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  1. Happy to report the added 2 gram weights added behind my stock 15g weights really felt great yesterday out on the course. Glad I just had my fitter do this instead of buying the two 20g replacement weights. I feel like that would have made the head and swing weight much & too heavy for my preference and really take away the feel/touch/feedback and also might struggle with the distance control if had the 20g weights. I was 1 or 2 putting pretty much all day yesterday, maybe the honeymoon phase, or mental affect of the custom paint but I'll take it lol. Hit a big 18 foot left to right putt t
  2. I was wondering the same thing. I was considering the new KBS 1 step putter shaft or the CT Tour which I also had in my Spider X and they said tip wouldn't fit, but i'm not exactly sure what the 5.5 tip size is yet either.
  3. Yeah I think that but also I think maybe they put the 2x15 so it didn't affect the swing weight of the putter so much. But good question. You can always get the replacement weights but I think with this 5.5 model in particular IMO is better with a slightly heavier head feel. I also considered trimming my stock 34 down to 33.5 and he discouraged it knowing I like a bit of a heavier head and said if I trim it, it would throw off the swing weight and the putter head would feel pretty light and would in turn need to get heavier weights. But some people like a lighter feeling head, especially if th
  4. So my fitter and I decided to try and soft stepping the shafts and change the swing weight (progressive D1.5 5iron->D3.5 PW) on my kbs tour 90 and mizuno jpx900 forged iron heads. Hopefully softening the shaft and changing swing weight some will help me get the launch and feel I’m looking for. Will give it a go on Thursday out on the course.
  5. Thanks I appreciate it. Yeah happy with the way it came out. Excited to roll it Thursday when I go play also with the added bit of head weight of 4 gram which is not too much but feeling wise feels quite a bit more sturdy on my stroke than with the stock regular 15 weights and not going over board by switching to the 20g weights. Blue also matches my color set up with my mizuno jpx900 forged irons.
  6. Thanks again for all your feedback. Just been a bit frustrated. Maybe need to be a bit more patient. Will try these and this set up Thursday on the course and see how they really perform.
  7. Also have any of you guys tried the KBS Max 85? Thoughts/experiences? Thanks
  8. Yeah I saw that the Tour 90 R is 95g and S is 102g. The S feels super stiff to me. Would you say that the KBS R is like a NS Pro S?
  9. Hey guys quick Question, I recently swopped shafts out of my Mizuno JPX900 Forged irons to the KBS Tour 90. They came stock OEM with the NS Pro950. I didn't get fitted and just trusted my fitters opinion. I'm a naturally lower ball flight/trajectory and lower spin type of hitter due to my more sweeping swing. I also have a pretty smooth swing. My driver and fairway woods I hit well but struggle a bit with my irons due to my swing type and not hitting down on the ball as much. I was looking/hoping the KBS Tour 90 would help me get a higher trajectory and more spin as many times with my 7, 8, 9,
  10. My fitter customized my 5.5 the other day. Added a bit of weight (15->17g) behind the stock weights. Also changed my grip to SuperStroke Pistol GT 1.0 Bring on the birdie sauce! Haha
  11. Had a chance to roll the new Spider EX's last night at the pro shop in both flow neck and small slant. Coming from the Spider X which I enjoyed, I was curious (Before Spider X, I was gaming Special Select Newport 2). I must say I am SO GLAD I just went with the 5.5 and didn't even wait to try this EX. IMO the EX is hot garbage lol, the feel is terrible/too firm with new pure roll2 insert, head shape is bigger and uglier than the X, alignment dots/lines on top are super distracting, and the feel of their new TM flute shaft is disappointing compared to their previous KBS CT Tour stock OEM shaft.
  12. Had a chance to roll the new Spider EX's both slant and flow neck. Was not impressed at all. IMO the head shape was a turnoff, the alignment dots/lines were garbage, too busy with the colors (saw all three, navy, white, silver), and more importantly the feel was bad compared to the Spider X. Much firmer feel off the face and the new flute shaft is not on the same level as the previous KBS CT Tour shaft. Spider X or Spider X hydro blast the way to go for sure. I recently picked up the new Phantom X 5.5 with slant neck and couldn't be more happy I did. Feel of a blade/milled but forgiveness of a
  13. Now if they would have ( & should have smh) released this version of the 11.5 with slant neck and this alignment aid top line I might of went this route over the 5.5 or just picked up both haha. This version is much cleaner at address than the current 11 heads they released in my opinion. This is what Max Homa, Sergio Garcia, and Cameron Smith are currently gaming.
  14. I would say it depends on what type of putting stroke you got and what your looking for. The 5.5 is the slant neck model where 11 is face balanced putter. Which spider x model/neck are you gaming? I switched from the spider x small slant neck model because I have a very slight arc in my putting stroke but I try to go pretty straight back straight forward and the slant neck model worked much better for me than the face balanced single bend option. Same goes with the 5.5 with just a few degrees less of toe hang. I also went with the 5.5 over the 11.5 because I was looking for something a bit mor
  15. Yeah I've found a few of the recent comments about it being so light a bit odd. I play a standard 34" 5.5 and the head weight for the 5.5 is 360g. I will say however coming from a Spider X that it does feel a bit lighter despite the Spider X head weight being lighter at 252g but I think part of that is due to the length of the head, which longer compared to the 5.5 more compact design. Also I think shaft and maybe even a bit of grip you use can also alter the feel of the head. I read that most tour players putter head weight is between 330-350 on average due to their more consistent stroke, wa
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