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  1. What it came down to for me was lie adjustment and turf interaction. I have tried everything from sgi(Cleveland launcher, cobra trail,etc) gi( sim, maverick, radspeed,etc) even the players distance stuff(p790,699pro,pxg 0311t). If I can hit them pure they are great but I tend to get quite steep and take a healthy divot. All of those types of clubs either loose lots of ball speed coming through the turf or they bounce and I thin it. If you pick the ball cleanly all the time no divots they can improve distance for most shoots. I currently play new level 623 m 6-pw and Mizuno mp20 hmb 4-5. Im also only getting about 150 yards from 6i
  2. I know with Amazon I can order longer shirts I'm looking for brand names I can buy in store.
  3. So I need longer shirts to cover my belly I am sick and tired of paying the dxl tax. (Generic polo $75 Name brand polo $100 and up.) Can find same exact polos in xxl and xxxl for $25 and $50 in normal stores they don't get longer just wider. I wear XL tall it's like 4 in longer than a standard shirt length. Any suggestions on polo's that are a bit longer than normal that I could pick up? Thanks in advance.
  4. I love my u510 2 iron with nv green shaft. It's a solid feel and has some bulk to inspire confidence. It works great both off tee or for my 2nd on par5's. Straight as an arrow and a low flight cut right through the wind it's my replacement for my 4w on windy days.
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