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  1. The special order number has an 8 digit number but in order to track, I need an 11 according to the website.
  2. I went into golf galaxy back in January, tested the sim 2 a sim 2 max, ended up making the purchase at the store. I have yet to hear anything regarding shipping and the order can't be located on my account because it was done as a special web order in store. Anyone else have the same issue and maybe an answer?
  3. Height wise, what iron would be closest in terms of ball height? Is a 7 wood like hitting a wedge? I've only demod on a simulator but my 5 wood goes high and can't imagine higher.
  4. Loving the comments, thanks! If I could add both, I would based on lie/situation but this is strictly to replace 4 iron. Not very windy where I live and most of the courses are relatively flat. How do they compare in the rough? Or a fairway bunker?
  5. The hybrid and 7 wood are both relatively the same in distance for me and will replace my 4 iron. My biggest concern is having never played either before, are there regrets on the course in gaming one verse the other if numbers are the same?
  6. Trying to decide what makes sense, having never gamed a rescue or 7 wood before Currently have driver, 3 and 5, 4 iron thru wedges. My 4 iron is 21* and looking to replace with either a hybrid or fairway wood. I've hit both on a simulator and was hoping to get some input of on course play when not on the tee, what would make more sense. Thanks
  7. Received my 5 wood on Saturday at GG. Driver still waiting but sales rep said I'd probably see it a few days before the 19th.
  8. 5 wood arrived today. Nice early surprise from TaylorMade! Looks great.
  9. Just got a call from local GG that my SIM 2 5wood is ready to be picked up. I had a crack in my SIM and they sent it off to TaylorMade to fix. Taylormade sent back the SIM 2 as a replacement.
  10. Tested the 425 and SIM2 the other day. Most of the numbers were comparable to each other. 425 looked great but not as forgiving as the SIM. Blue on the S2 is definitely nicer looking in person. Loved the 410 and SIM too.
  11. I just got fitted into the sim max 2 and currently game the RBZ 9 Tour. Distance relatively the same but shot dispersion much tighter.
  12. Great find. Can't wait to try out the X and EX.
  13. My dispersion was best with the rbz. Could that just be a comfort thing since I only hit 20 or so balls with each new driver? I was never fitted for the RBZ but absolutely love everything about the feel and dispersion. I just want a tad more distance in hopes that a newer driver might be more aerodynamic and yield 1 or 2 more mph of swing speed. I was 98mph with the rbz and never got over 98 with the new drivers either.
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