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  1. I emailed vice support today to see if there were plans for a variety of colors for the pro zero and got this response: Thank you for reaching out. For now it is only available in white. There is actually a possibility for colored versions since this is supposed to be a future replacement for the Vice Pro Soft. As the model is still new, it would all depend on performance, sales and customer feedback Danke & beste Grüße, John It’s interesting that they are replacing the soft with the zero that to me didn’t feel very soft. Either way, I’m interested in possible new color options.
  2. I did it once. I used my own balls to get my distances. Seemed pretty accurate.
  3. Is that the red sun of Krypton?
  4. So I hit them again in the backyard and was slicing more than usual. It seems like I am getting worse with them. The fitting I hit them extremely well, Wed I hit them ok and today it was bad. I need to go to the range tomorrow and either get it worked out or take a step back from blades. They sure do look good though...
  5. Got them today. I was able to hit a few balls in the back yard before it got dark. The first few I topped (I guess being too excited). Found a groove and started hitting them well. Only had time to swing the 9 and gap (5 iron twice too, probably not finding those balls in the woods). I would love to swing them tomorrow, but I'm leaving for out of town tomorrow morning. I may try and sneak in 9 on MLK.
  6. Wood floors in the hallway, but in the bedroom it rolls pretty true. It sometimes get grooves/tracks in the carpet that the ball will follow unless I smooth it out every once in a while.
  7. Tried them out yesterday, hitting shots from 20-70 yards. They felt a lot like the Pro V1x. The only thing I noticed (and it could be in my head) is they seemed to pick up dirt easier than a cast urethane ball.
  8. This would be a terrible idea with my dog. I'd be chasing my dog/bag down the fairway.
  9. If I want to drive that far…
  10. I’ve never found a body of water that doesn’t magnetic attract my golf balls.
  11. Stupid fedex got my hopes up and crushed them. I got excited for a second when the dog started barking, but it was just one of the neighbor kids, not the fedex truck. Looked at the tracking number again and now there is no date listed.
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