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  1. my last couple rounds I have been playing them as my provisional ball. Unfortunately, I have been playing it a lot lately...
  2. 126. I tried bringing my driver out again as I have been working on it. I did hit 3 good drives. Unfortunately one was after an OB. To make matters worse, it was my worst putting day, maybe ever (49 putts). I did enjoy being out there despite my poor play. Hitting the couple good driver shots, felt good after not using a wood for the last several rounds.
  3. I changed my mind, I want to be the person who tests out all the new products.
  4. Give them a break, they only have 10 fingers. I see it all the time in the classroom... from juniors and seniors...
  5. 12 doesn't take you by the clubhouse. Just 6 and 18. And they still don't have a 6, 9 or 12 rate
  6. My hobby is finding more hobbies. Each new one means less time for the previous.
  7. 116 on a new course. I couldn’t keep the ball in the fairway and found water a couple times. Add that with a couple of last balls and my wife wanting to talk to me when I’m about to swing made for a frustrating day. The burger afterwards was delicious though.
  8. 102 yesterday, that 2 digit score is laughing at me.
  9. I may play these again tomorrow. I’ll decide on the tee box.
  10. Easiest to learn - Go fish Easiest to watch - Football Easiest to tear a family/friend group apart - Monopoly
  11. I missed a 3 foot putt on 18 that would’ve given me 99 and would’ve been first time under 100, but I had to settle for 100 on the nose. The 11 on 3 (par 4), the 9 on 13 (par 5) and the 7 on 16 (par 3) did me in.
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