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  1. Well. The course was hard and I played terrible.
  2. I'm playing a course on Saturday that I have never played before. I have looked at the course via satellite to try and get an idea of what its like, but other than that, I'm not sure what else to do. What are some things y'all do before playing a new course?
  3. I’d love it if there was a 9 hole option where I lived.
  4. I got up to 235 and just stopped eating after 5pm. Dropped back to my 217-225 within a week. YMMV.
  5. No, the pitcher is for throwing a terrible pitch.
  6. These may work https://golfdotz.com/collections/putting-perfection-alignment-more i have used the non alignment ones and i havent seen any ink transfer to my clubs
  7. dugue4

    New driver

    genuine or sarcasm (hard to tell on a forum) ? I do love the hippo distance, but i didnt know if something newer would suit me better
  8. dugue4

    New driver

    Currently I am playing a Hippo giant 400 cc titanium driver from 2004ish. I would like something that may give me a bit more forgiveness, but I am not at a point where I can justify spending over 400+ for a new driver. I would be perfectly happy with a used driver if it would give me better performance. I usually hit the ball pretty far off the tee (if i catch it right), Thanks baseball. I just started playing/practicing semi-consistently a couple months ago. Any suggestions?
  9. Excuse my ignorance, but how can one gain an advantage by marking the ball? Figured it out. I was confused between marking where the ball was on the course, not marking on the ball...
  10. So would I be required to play it from the embedded lie, or could I take it as an unplayable ball and a drop with a 1 shot penalty? (If I ever do it again) also, hypothetically what if I were to do the same thing but off the tee? Would the distance from the tee into the ground count as a ball in flight?
  11. There was no temporary water on the surface. I don’t remember if there was visible water in the hole after I dug out my ball
  12. Last time out, on hole 13 (not that it matters...) I hit a suboptimal drive that ended up in a lower wet part of the fairway. My second shot I hit the top of the ball and drove it about 2” into the ground. I played it as free relief (not sure if that’s the right term) and dropped hitting 3. Did I do the right thing?
  13. Anyone a member at tomball country club or played the course? Thoughts on the course and membership in general?
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