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  1. My youngest nephew, a college freshman, is doing an internship at Sand Valley this summer. We are thinking about making the 1100-1200 mile drive to visit and play a few rounds. Sounds like all you guys loved the place.
  2. I was hoping to see Westwood pluck the ball from the hole using his Fetch putter. That would have been awesome and I'm sure that Ping would have loved it!
  3. Would like to see a better shot of his belt. My nephews have me buying Vineyard Vines and I like to think they make me look cool.
  4. I went with a 4 wood because it looks like a 3 wood but has a little more loft (1.5*) and came with a higher launching shaft. No regrets.
  5. I can't believe that more people don't use 7 woods. I sometimes wonder if pride gets in the way.
  6. After over 50 years of golf and never becoming a really good player, I have spent the last couple of years buying exactly what I want. My Mizuno JPX-900 irons are forgiving and they look pretty darn good, too. I really do have a great looking, forgiving set of clubs.
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