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  1. An update. I received an email yesterday from Ping: "Mr. ..........., I am writing in regards to a review you left for your G30 irons. Management has approved reshafting the irons that have not been reshafted so that all of the irons will have new shafts. This would be done at no charge to you. There is one stipulation that we ask of you. We would like for you to have the lie angle(the dot) checked by a PING fitter in your area. If the lie angle is incorrect, it can put undue strain on the shaft which can cause graphite shafts to break. Once you have this checked and confirmed, I will set up a repair order to have your entire set returned to PING. We will reshaft the ones that need to be reshafted and adjust/check the lie angle to be sure it is correct." I appreciate Ping's concern and will be following through on the process. I believe I was fitted correctly but no harm in a double check.
  2. Thanks for the response. Please see my response to circaflex
  3. Thanks for the reply. Ive been playing them for 51/2 years and bought them new. 5 broken shafts seems like a lot
  4. I could certainly live with 3 shafts in 20 years. Maybe I am old school, but 5 shafts in 5 years seems like a lot
  5. Yes. Please see my response to circaflex. Thanks for taking the time to respond
  6. Please see my response to circaflex. Thanks for your response
  7. I did not expect this problem. Thanks for the response
  8. 1 shaft...I agree, But 5? Thanks for the response
  9. 5 broken shafts in 5 years seems like a lot to me. I am interested to see if other people agree or of similar experiences
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