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  1. Below is my take which includes some launch monitor results. It’s a great shaft with excellent feel.
  2. I game the Rose. While other brands such as Edel, Positive Putter, Odyssey have pulled off the toe up balance well, no brand besides Axis has a toe up design coupled with a perfectly centered COG. the combination of toe up and aligned CG are the two reasons I will never switch putters. Everything about the performance is excellent. Looks and feel are subjective, but I love the fang shape, I don’t even notice the heel, and the feel is superb in my hands. some folks might not like the sound or looks due to the plastic flange. The flange is simply a hollow piece of
  3. For my set balancing ball speed was much more important than gapping lofts. The tech in newer clubs, I play Srixon ZX5s, is no joke. I play the set P and G because the ball speed off the 9 was hot. A traditional wedge, even in stronger lofts, couldn’t keep up. I had to bend the entire set weak past manufacturer spec.
  4. This is my exact situation. A 3 wood is simply too long for the courses I play. My course has one 600 yard par 5, however unless the circumstances are perfect I’m laying up. Now I play a Ping 7 and 5 wood, both of which provide usable distances and gap well with the rest of my set.
  5. While I like my ZX4/5 combo set I’ve had to bend them as weak as possible. Honestly, I stopped trying to adjust to specific lofts and now have my set dialed in for distance. However, they have all been bent outside Srixon spec. I’m a high swing speed player, and tech in these clubs is almost too hot. In stock form I was hitting every iron way too far and with very low spin. My 3 wood, Mizuno ST-Z spins more than my ZX4 4i. Launch and decent angle we’re good, but stopping power wasn’t the best. If I could go back in time I’d probably opt for a full set of 7s, or go ZX5 4-6
  6. Edel makes some awesome round putter grips. I don’t have one on my gamer currently, but I think one will be going on soon. https://edelgolf.com/products/edel-round-putter-grip
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. The box idea provided instant feedback as I quickly found out lazy swings will not be tolerated. As of now, and testing wedges, my swing is back to in-square-in.
  8. I tried this strategy today. What felt like disgusting OTT swings produced straight shots. I was only taking 3/4 PW swings but the lefts were largely gone. What's weird is is how terrible hitting a straight shot felt. I have no idea what change in a week, but my swing is still missing. The ball flight tells me I have a closed club face and in-to-out path, but I can't find neutral. I'm looking into an emergency lesson as this is so bizarre.
  9. I can’t speak to swing weight, but I see little downside to adding a few grams if you want to play closer to D5. As long as you’re not adding so much weight the shaft dynamics change, and you can retain your speed, you should be fine.
  10. No, I have not tried the MMT. However, I just picked up a Fujikura Ventus Blue to try out. I plan to update the results tomorrow.
  11. Something happened on the first tee box this morning. After a solid warmup range session I lost my swing on the first tee. I got stuck and could not fix my swing path, which was all of a sudden way to in-to-out. My swing failed so hard I quit at 9...after praying to the Golf Gods to help me make it that far. What's especially crazy is I shot the best round of my season the previous week. How do I get unstuck? I tried a few drills such as placing a ball back and inside the ball I was hitting. I hit both every single time. Even though I know the issue, I can't fix it. What should I
  12. I was struggling with the lefts and couldn’t figure out what was going on. After a quick review of ball flight laws it was apparent I let my fundamentals slip. A combination of lazy grip and sloppy alignment created a closed face at impact and a swing path that was too in to out. One session with alignment sticks on the ground and grip checks before hitting every shot straightened me out within an hour. I played this past Sunday and beat my handicap by four strokes.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I hadn't even looked at my 58* SG data until you mentioned it. You can see from the stats in the post above, that my stats are ugly. It's time for a lesson and to incorporate the 54*. I'm simply not good/consistent enough with the lob wedge and need to improve my short game scoring quick.
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