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  1. Cactus Jack

    2 ball ten

    I just purchased a Triple Track Two Ball Ten...that's a long name. I love the putter, but I'm not certain I made the right choice regarding the Triple Track. I like all the models, but think the simplicity of the standard Two Ball or the Tour Lined might be nice in the long run. Of course, the moment I make the change I'll want the Triple Track back. I guess I better buy them all . It seems like this group is leaning toward the Tour Lined version. Any specific reason? Separate question. Has anyone replaced a Stroke Lab shaft with a BGT Stability shaft?
  2. I play a SIM 2 but just purchased an LS. I did so because the raw performance numbers are basically identical between the two heads, but more so for the adjustability. As a 17 handicap (down from 20 ) I like that my driver and swing can evolve together. Regarding performance the SIM might be a bit quicker, but the LS feels a bit more forgiving. Also, while my high toe miss on both drivers deliver similar results, the sound and feel is much better with the LS.
  3. I just finished testing shafts and the results were impressive. A properly fit shaft improved my strike point which boosted ball speed by 2mph. Everything else was the same, the shaft just help me be more efficient...better smash factor.
  4. I use it when I can, which is mostly isolated to weekends. I work long hours so during the week my home is basically a crash pad. I've found I chip and pitch as much as I putt. It's kind of funny, but when I step outside I instantly want to hit balls over the pool. I can't help myself! What's really awesome is between my kids, their friends, the neighbors, the neighbor kids, and family the green is used daily. Our backyard has a lot of fun stuff, but the green is the clear center piece. I leave a golf bag full of putters and about 20 balls and folks have a blast. If pu
  5. Before thinking grass, try to find a high end putting green to practice on. The roll is very nice and speed wise my green stacks up against my local courses very well. The fact that I can step outside and never need to worry about maintenance is a god send too.
  6. Great question. I've walked across it several times and the feeling never crossed my mind. As such, I suppose it feels pretty natural. The sand on the green is very compact, and I haven't had any mess. Also, I have six kids and four dogs running across it all day long with wet feet from the pool and no mess to speak of.
  7. Below is my take on the RDX Blue vs Black. Also, I have an Epic Speed LS with a Smoke Yellow shaft. I'm still testing, but one thing I noticed immediately was the Epic was much heavier than my SIM. I'll weigh the heads soon and do a full review.
  8. I just picked one of these bad boys. I enjoyed it so much I have the 5 and 7 woods coming too.
  9. I haven't played the stock Ventus, but I do have a Velocore version. In my opinion the Blue and Ventus feel very similar. Honestly, in a blind test, it would be hard to tell them apart. Personally, I love the Blue. The shaft provides an incredible load sensation followed by a lively kick into the ball. It doesn't feel tip whippy, but it does provide a lot of action, primarily through the mid section.
  10. My SIM Max 3 wood arrived at the 6 week mark. I'm still waiting on my 5 & 7 woods. Overall, my driver arrived in 4 weeks, 3 wood in 6, so I'm optimistic the 5 and 7 might come in before the 8 week mark.
  11. Personally, I'd use the Callaway as the benchmark and keep testing until you're 100% confident. I doubt other clubs will provide performance gains, but you might find something that you think looks, sounds, and feels better. You're on a fun journey, no reason to stop now.
  12. I just tested the Nemesys in both the SIM 2 and SIM Max 2 heads:
  13. As with most things in life, it depends. The original SIM is low spin. For some folks it was too low spin to keep the ball on a stable path. Depending on your swing that might be fantastic or a disaster. However, for those that hit the SIM well, and can benefit from the directional weight, the SIM can be an absolute monster. I think the general consensus with the SIM 2 is it a bit more forgiving and produces a bit more spin. Distance wise drivers are essentially maxed out so without a proper fit, you’ll likely see limited gains on center hits. However, off center strikes mi
  14. Below is my take on the SIM 2 vs SIM 2 Max. I plan on testing a few more shaft and the effectiveness of the adjustable sleeve.
  15. Average peak height and land angle were: SIM RDX Blue: 120 feet, and 38.8* SIM RDX Black: 117 feet, and 38.8* My worst swings produced: SIM RDX Blue: High/Low: 141/84 feet, 44.4*/29.5* SIM RDX Black: High/Low: 141/84, 44.4*/29.8* It's scary how similar the results of the RDX shafts are, while feeling totally different. Engineering is pretty cool.
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