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  1. I did a quick gapping session last night. I didn’t have much time, but i have perfect 12 yard gaps between pitching wedge through seven iron. I tested out a 48* Vokey and it fell perfectly inline. However, The 6 iron was a different story. Due to the 5* loft difference, I hit the 6 iron 26 yards further than the 7. Between bending the 6 week, and dialing in lie angles, all of which were flat, I should be able to build a tight bottom of the bag. Also, I’m going to measure the lofts to confirm the exact progression.
  2. MONSTER efficiency! I wish I could get that smash with my driver!
  3. This specialty pitching wedge theory/hypothesis won't get out of my head. As such, in classic WRX fashion, I bought a Srixon combo set to test. I figured it's how I can best contribute to this great community . A full scientific gapping session will be performed next week!
  4. Quick update. In classic WRX fashion, I've decided to do all three . Not quite to the extent I originally planned, but moving forward none the less. Clubs: I just picked up a set a second hand set of Srixon's that met my specs from a prior fittings. Shaft, length, lie, grips, all aligned so I pulled the trigger. I'll tweak them as needed. Course: The Wigwam kind of ticked me off. We talked about a single complementary round, but was told they couldn't make it happen. Seriously, they just finished over seeding, the course is in rough shape, fees are nominal, but they couldn't squeeze me on? I realize this is a small thing, but small things add up, and it just rubbed me the wrong way. As such, I'm taking the monthly fees I would've paid them, and creating a wife approved monthly golf budget. Sim: The $2,500 initiation fee I'm not paying the Wigwam is now going to sim gear. My plan is to piece together my hitting bay first, then grab a GC3 when they become available. I'm in no rush so I'm keeping my eye out for a GC2/HMT unit too.
  5. I have no idea if the Torno deal is legit, but I'm in for all three.
  6. Thanks for the great feedback. Being a bit of a visual learner, and continuing with the Srixon example, I put together a few gapping scenarios. Again, this doesn't replace a gapping session, it's simply a curiosity I want to explore. I'm working with a ZX5 4-6, and ZX7 7-P. Based on the original lofts I'm pretty certain most players would have some gapping challenges. Specifically between the 6 and 7 and maybe between the 8 and 9 too. I think the 6 and 7 would be especially tricky to dial in as I'd anticipate a noticeable jump in ball speed due to the tech differences. I do like how scenario 3 played out. First, the adjustment to the stock lofts are minimal. Second, you pick up another scoring club within 150. Third, top to bottom the set plays with the most loft. To make room for the extra wedge I dropped the 5 iron, but could've dropped the 4. My thinking is once you approach 200ish yards it most likely wouldn't matter much which one made the bag.
  7. Thanks for sharing. This is a perfect example of what I was trying to understand. Another factor to consider is I assume the set PW will be more efficient (produce more ball speed) than a traditional wedge. Without going the 48* route the actual gapping difference could become much wider. Of course this is all theoretical until a proper gapping session could be performed, but it's a fun topic to think about.
  8. My Arccos strokes gained data is screaming at me to make the exact same change. I play the 50/54/58 setup, and it's not working. Currently, I'm losing 2.6 and 2.7 strokes across my approach and short game respectively. This is the difference between me being a mid-handicap vs breaking into the single digit handicap level.
  9. I've started to look into player style combo sets. For example, a blended set of Srixon ZX5 and ZX7s. On paper, not accounting for actual gapping, with minimal loft adjustments I can see a nice 4* loft progression that would result in a 44* PW. I see a similar trend within other manufacturers offerings too. Above is an example only, and not intended to be a Srixon discussion. However, my question is for folks playing player iron combo sets do you end up playing a specialty pitching wedge. Carrying forward the example , if one wanted to keep an even 4* loft progression through the wedges you'd fill the bottom of the bag with something like a 48/52/56/60 set. Obviously the progression is player dependent, and 4-6* lofts in wedges is fine, but if you want tight gapping are you adding a new PW? I suppose a secondary question is if you do throw in a specialty PW do you install your iron shaft? Do you carry your iron shaft through your wedge set? Thanks for time to share your thoughts. I realize this is a theoretical question, it's imperfect in many ways, but I'm still curious for your insight. I hope all is well, and thanks for sharing.
  10. I would weaken the lofts to take out some of the offset. Also, PXGs are fairly low spin so you might pick up a few RPMs and maybe get a small bump in peak height. The result would be marginal, but I’d do it to reduce offset regardless.
  11. I’ve played both extensively and much prefer the RDX. In my hands the RDX is more stable and consistent. By comparison I felt the Ventus played loose and soft. I have the 6.5 and TX versions of the RDX and the results were the same. I wanted to like the Ventus because it’s a Ventus, but after trying it in the driver, woods, and hybrid it’s simply not a fit for my swing. I’m a hard loader in the bottom third of the down swing with a moderate tempo in general. Something with the Ventus just didn’t work.
  12. A few others to consider would be Grip Master leather grips and Jumbo Max XS.
  13. I’d make it into a trip. I enjoy traveling, and would love to check out Toronto. Also, everyone says fittings are only as good as the fitter, and I can’t imagine a better fitting experience than a full bag fit with Ian. However, after thinking things through a bit, I’m going to put equipment on hold. I’m now focused on the club and simulator. For me, it’s not an easy decision. The club is awesome for all the reasons discussed. My only hesitation is my lack of time. I’d be able to play early weekend rounds, but mid week would be out. Also, the range isn’t lit so I most likely wouldn’t use it as much as I’d like. What excites me though is the ability to meet folks, get outside, and play in tournaments etc. Another benefit is the Wigwam is walkable, which is very rare in AZ. The huge plus to the simulator is I could practice whenever I like. My career is demanding, and with four kids under 15 who are in constant activities, it would be much easier for me to sneak in a 15 minute practice session vs. play a 4-5 round. BUT…it’s not golf and I’d much rather spend my time playing the real thing. The downside is between a GC3/Quad, all the gear, I could play the Wigwam for the next 4-5 years! Damn first world problems…
  14. Interesting. It looks like there is a tiny slot cavity. If so I haven’t seen one that small and wonder what it adds to playability. Excited for more details.
  15. I love the sole progression. You get more mass and protection in the distance clubs, and precision in the scoring clubs. These might play like the best blended combo set ever. Id like to see how the lofts blend.
  16. Here's a timely video. I like how they ultimately filled the gap. They paired a 5 wood head with a 7 wood shaft. I did the opposite, but their approach makes a lot of sense and most likely comes with added consistency.
  17. A Ping G410/425 seven wood turned down one notch with a five wood shaft. I play this combo and it's exactly what you want.
  18. True Spec carries the Autoflex range.
  19. Personally, I like the idea from a fitting/testing perspective. Most fitters start at extreme settings and slowly nudge toward optimal results. I’d prefer to not close the face but rather move from the lowest standard loft in a model and work up. Once the in the ideal range I’d then use the loft sleeve to dial in the final settings. If I’d benefit from a low CG model Id focus my attention on those type of models first.
  20. Not to muddy the waters, but you might want to check out the Takomo 201s. They are forged, CNC milled, and look similar to NL and are $100 cheaper than a set of new Maltbys.
  21. The coolest part is you can toggle on any of the clubs and get the same data. You can overlay dispersion and trajectory. You can see optimization for every swing. I had no idea how this was even available. Much cooler report platform than any other system I’ve tested.
  22. The club is only semi-private. As a resort environment it's still open to the public, but you get advanced priority tee times, monthly tournaments, perks etc. Having access to five courses all but guarantees you could get on anywhere. Below is a snipet. They just raised the initiation fee from $1,950 to $2,500 and first year monthly dues are $385.
  23. I hit some balls on Trackman, and the kid running the computer emailed me an interactive link to my results. The report is awesome! I've used Trackman before but this is the first time I've received anything other than a hard to read PDF. Below are a few screen shots, but the report allows you to toggle on/off different clubs, select/de-select specific shots, see club data for every strike, includes optimizer results for desired trajectories, allows you to normalize numbers for weather etc. If you're a data geek like me track down a Trackman and check it out for yourself.
  24. I'd love feedback on the firmness too. I prefer firm/hard grips, and Tour Velvet is as squishy/soft as I can go.
  25. I've been fortunate to have a great 2021 and I'm thinking of doing one of the following dream scenarios in 2022. - High End Custom Fitting and Clubs: My current clubs, while newer, have been cobbled together second hand based on self fit, or by questionable professional fitters. My equipment is far from optimized, and while not making excuses for the Indian, the arrows do cost me a few strokes per round. My thought would be to fly to Toronto and do a full bag fitting with Ian at TXG and redo my entire setup. - Home Simulator Build: I've wanted a simulator for a while, and think there's a lot of upside. First, I'd be able to practice anytime, have accurate data, my kids would definitely hit some balls too. Not to mention you can play a simulated round in minutes vs. half a day. Time is valuable and the number one constraint why I don't play more often. The downside is the cost is by far the most expensive, and it's indoor, you're hitting off mats and looking at another screen. I live in AZ so it kind of feels like riding a stationary bike vs. enjoying 9 months of awesome weather. - Join a Semi-Private Course: I live next to a great resort with three courses, and access to two others. The initiation fee and dues are very inexpensive, and the membership comes with a myriad of perks beyond golf like pools, , tennis, spas, gym, restaurant discounts etc. I'm the only one in my family who golfs, and while inexpensive compared to other clubs, the amount of golf I play would only justify 60% of the costs. My family would occasionally use the other facilities, but most likely wouldn't participate in the social scene. Which would you chose?
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