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  1. Anybody have any information on this? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!! -Chris
  2. I don't disagree with you at all here. What is a counterpoint, of course, however, is.....how did an Era where fields were drastically deeper and stronger than the past allow someone to win well over 30% of his starts, for over a decade?
  3. I'm of awe of Tiger's fields, but frankly, the players he finished runner up to in Majors, and vice versa, did not do well at ALL compared to Jack's. I'm looking into final round scoring averages for both.
  4. Thank you. Where are you finding the other 3 Majors?
  5. How, specifically, was Bill Russell a better all around basketball player than Wilt Chamberlain? What skills did Russell have that Wilt did not?
  6. This is truly brilliant stuff. Seriously. Amazing work by "Brock Savage". Quite humbling. Changes everything. What I'm wondering...just for starters....is...where do we find all the American vs. International breakdowns for all the old Majors, along with Field Sizes?
  7. Ok, very good point. But...that's only ONE tournament. What about the rest?
  8. This is the most intelligent and fair post I've read in quite awhile on this Thread. If anyone has evidence that Jack's fields were a lot weaker, though, I'm all ears... Nobody, among everyone here, has said anything comprehensive or convincing on the subject. I, on the other hand, showed unequivocally that 1. Jack faced much better top 5 competition and 2. That Jack beat (and was beaten) by much better golfers in the Majors than Tiger, overall.
  9. You're being hostile and dismissive for no reason. That's "Trolling". Post something substantive or at least respond directly to what I said.
  10. How am I trolling? What specifically was said? What am I not understanding about Jack Nicklaus? What specifically am I missing? Tiger wasn't even liked at all by his Tour Pro peers until fairly recently. Much less the general public, who don't even follow sports, much less golf (which almost nobody cares about). However, The Comebacks from both massive injury, then drug addiction, then his Masters win in 2019 sealed that deal. Incidentally...because you sound confused here....I'm not talking about respect for his game. I'm talking about universal adoration
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a database- or something like it- that has players' career stats on various holes. (e.g., Tiger all time on 13th at Augusta, Phil all time on the 17th at Sawgrass, etc. etc.). Below are a few examples (Tiger at Sawgrass).. but the records only seem to be shown once in awhile, and I'm not sure which networks broadcast them. Does anyone know if this information is accessible to the public? Free or paid? Thanks so much! -Chris
  12. You'll love this. In case you haven't seen it, wanted to share it with all the Tiger fans here: Absolutely STAGGERING: https://www.15thclub.com/2019/12/26/tiger-turns-44-woods-44-greatest-statistics/
  13. He very well might have been. He might have been much better than Jack. The average player has probably gotten substantially to drastically better (just during Tiger's career, look at Bryson and DJ for example). I think the level of the average player 2010-2020 is MUCH higher than 2000-2009, though. Look at the standard deviation of winning percentage of the top 30 on Tour, for each decade. In any case....Tiger has been my favorite golf superstar since the mid 2000's. I thought he was a total "you know what" when he came up in the 90's, but once his mind, body, and lifestyle caugh
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