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  1. I actually did yesterday and they told me they don’t have one yet. Suggested waiting a few days or a couple weeks
  2. So in total how long did you wait on your irons? Just ordered mine Thursday of last week. Wondering what to expect. Got no ETA from PGA
  3. Just ordered some hot metals from pga. They wouldn’t give me an eta. Anyone get fitted / buy recently? What was the wait time like?
  4. Yeah that’s probably true. Yesterday I just picked the club up and gave it a go. Need to realize my own mortality.. ha. I’m 29 and played sports growing up. Hardly ever stretched.
  5. I’m fairly new to golf and am wondering if some level of back soreness is just normal. I played for about 4 months no problems. Recently hurt my back about 2 weeks ago not sure if it was golf related. The soreness on the muscles between my shoulder blades and my spine and a little bit on my middle back. I’m using a lot more hip rotation than I am back and am opening up at my finish (something I recently addressed/fixed). I wasn’t doing that for a long time. Maybe I’m just re-aggregating after practicing but yesterday practiced my swing for about 30 min and today I’m super sore. Thou
  6. Sorry was offline for a while. I’m located north of Atlanta (Georgia)
  7. Looking into buying a new set of irons but budget is ~1K and not wanting to pay for a fitting. Leaning towards the used route but having a hard time picking the right ones just based on reviews etc.
  8. So I’m a beginner; playing mizuno mx900 irons - graphite shafts. Picked these up used for cheap to get started and they are all in great condition. I’m playing fairly well and I plan to get fitted but holding off till after a lesson or two... about 2 weeks ago I think I cracked my 6 iron shaft. The replacement is 30 bucks which is no big deal. But is my shaft really cracked? It sounds like hell when I swing it but I’m new. Can’t really tell. I’ll say I played tennis for 20+ years and have cracked numerous rackets and the sound is eerily familiar. Crunchy/rattly But no visible cracks anywhere?
  9. Would you recommend getting fitted for clubs in then buy some in the 800-900$ range (budget) vs buying a more premium set barely used and get fitted for the right shafts and lie angle etc.?
  10. Appreciate the advice. This is quality. What I may do is just replace that 6 iron on eBay and get a lesson or two. Swing is consistent as that and putting is 98% of what I’ve worked on at this point (watching Rick Shiels golf show and others) I’d say but I think a lesson is likely going to tweak it some. Especially how I address the ball and lie angle in a fitting would be affected by that. Thanks!
  11. So I’ve been playing for almost 4 months. I bought a starter set just to make sure I was committed for 150$. Love the clubs so far honest - all name brand too. That said.. I’m thinking about replacing some of these clubs as I go since they are about 13-15 years old. And on that note I cracked my 6 iron shaft (mizuno mx900 - reg flex, graphite) yesterday and thought it might be time to go ahead and replace these? I’m practicing at least twice a week and always working on my swing. Im fairly athletic (played tennis for 20 years) and also 29 with a fairly fast swing speed. I’m thinking I probabl
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