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  1. Off topic, but I think I saw him use a cobra fairway wood too and not a sim2.
  2. I agree, it looks like the dings and dents came from riding in a cart with no headcover, not rust. Btw, I met Pam in person at the Hive, super nice lol. Sorry you had a bad experience with their customer service. The good thing is, you bought a brand new betti for $180!
  3. Kinda, but it's slightly different. No. 7 has more rounded cutout on back flange, longer and more angled fangs, along with straight topline.
  4. Toulon should do a no.7, with fully milled face.
  5. How much is a PLD fitting at Ping hq? That's probably what I'd do if I had to spend it on clubs (besides the obvious - lessons).
  6. I've been to the hive to get fitted, I totally recommend this! Fitting fee is waived with purchase.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRYcv1Wty4Y/?utm_medium=copy_link Most recent bag setup
  8. but brooks and yuka both won this year with SIM2!
  9. Viper4225

    SIK Putters

    https://www.instagram.com/p/CRFIcVvrdw1/?utm_medium=copy_link Spotted on tour!
  10. Different (to look at and in weight, but similar in feel): sik flo, and bettinardi ss28.
  11. the 223 looks nice! very ping i210 vibes here. LFG!!!!
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