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  1. How's the 54 V working out, compared to 58 V? I'm assuming you're hitting more full shots with the 54?
  2. Did you get fit for the edel wedges? Or how did you know which grind to pick? The edel wedges are very attractive to me.
  3. really curious your thoughts on the i59 vs the mp22 series, size, feel, forgiveness, etc. Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the info. What loft do you play for set pw, if you're going into 54/60 and 52/58?
  5. So do the lower lofted wedges come in S? Online it has only 56-60 that have s and h sole option.
  6. Any one have a pic of a fully rusted raw rm4?
  7. in general, is the JPX line a bigger head than the MP line? Really like the 223s but they seem quite small.
  8. thanks for the feedback. do you take any fullshots with the H sole? what types of shots do you usually use with it? and what do you use for 60 yards and in, 52 or 58? and have you compared it to the S sole?
  9. which would you say is easier out of the bunkers - H or S grind?
  10. anyone that has gotten fitted, or has these, know how many degrees of bounce for each grind? thanks
  11. how does club champion fit for wedges? what is their process?
  12. omg thanks for the write up. super jealous lol. would love to one day get fitted there. are these cast or forged? how did mike/fitter go about selecting shaft for you? the cool thing i read is they create a profile for you and once your wedges go wear out, you can just order a new set!
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