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  1. huge abe fan, wish him the best! hope he can dial in that tri hot!
  2. it'd be sweet if she went with srixon - nasa, minjee, lydia would dominate lol
  3. z star, bc of pricing. the prov1 is so good (for me)!
  4. Same boat, if these feel softer than xv, this will be my gamer.
  5. Thanks for the info! Sounds like Crossfield said Diamond feels more like XV than it does Z Star.
  6. so you're saying the 2022 Tour BX is firmer feeling than the 2020 Tour BX?
  7. which bridgestone ball did you move to coming from the z star?
  8. curious if the diamond feels more like the standard z or the xv (I could not play the xv bc it was way too hard and clicky)
  9. MORE PICS OF THIS BEAUTY!!!! Wish I could go get fit there! Did John use any tech/measuring devices, or was it just you, him and the green for 3 hours?
  10. The flo is definitely heavy. Lags take awhile to get used to but it's certainly stable. Imo I don't think the shafts are worth it, probably off getting a putting lesson or two...or three lol. Also if you have IG, they are pretty responsive if you have any questions and their customer service is great!
  11. i can see this too. she was rolling her putter (pxg) pretty well from what it'll be interesting what's in her bag!
  12. Nice, love lydia ko! I wish golfwrx would cover more LPGA witb lol. following to see if anyone has any insight.
  13. on their IG story, they posted a screenshot of a blade. Is this the new new?
  14. the only reasoning i have for this is the material selection, and face milling. otherwise yes, you'd be "ahead of the game".
  15. I have the Sik Flo, it feels great. Soft comparable to Scotty imo but leaning towards medium firm. Qb6 will be firmer than Sik and Scotty. In addition, the head weight of the Sik will take some time to get used to. Both Betti and sik have great service, good luck in your search.
  16. have you tried the queen bee lineup? the honeycomb face might be for you
  17. from bryson's new youtube vid 30:26, can kind of see his irons - not sure what model - if old or if prototype (they wouldve blurred it out?)
  18. wow, that looks sick! toulon should come out with that too
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