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  1. Looks running inspired. The Zoom Air pods in the fore foot and midsole shape looks similar to Next%.
  2. Yeah definitely just regular outsoles. The silhouette looks like the Jordan 1 OG low. Typically, the AJ1 "OG" low version uses better leather than the AJ1 "Retro" low version. Also the CW is very reminiscent of the Dior Jordan 1 low that came out last year. So yeah, most definitely you, me and many others will be eating Ls on this one.
  3. I can see how Nike's waffle soles could be fairly decent for grip. Retro runners are back in style, so Nike has a bunch of models with the waffle sole. Even other companies have some deep groove retro runners like New Balance 327, Puma Future Riders, or Adidas ZX 8000 (this one is similar to the ZX golf shoe). Although, these would all suck in wet conditions with no waterproofing.
  4. I love Swag putter covers. I wasn't paying attention and this dropped today: Anyone know how quickly these covers sell out? I checked at about an hour after launch and they were sold out. Is this a thing like sneakers where it sells out in seconds? I think Swag has made all the Street Fighter 2 characters. Hopefully they make more in different colors or they keep going with Super SFFII Turbo characters. I would love to get an Akuma putter cover.
  5. There are some companies like Crep that make the marker, but it's far cheaper and easier to find the original product people are using to re-whiten Boost: Sharpie Oil Based White paint marker.
  6. The CodeChaos are identical to the original 2020 version. Makes me wonder if these new CWs was pushed back from last year. But I do like the paint design. The white/blue is definitely on my shopping list.
  7. https://www.thesurgeon.com/products/j1-low-srgn-dior-lux-golf-cleat-size-9-us-mens For the low, low price of $15,000.
  8. Some more detail: https://www.instagram.com/p/CT2jc1Htfm3/
  9. I'm personally hoping for AM97s. It is the 25th anniversary year of the 97s next year.
  10. Try Nike? You can wear the shoes and still return them within 60 days.
  11. This year I was all about Adidas. I bought a couple of other shoes, but my top 3 is completely Adidas. #3: ZG21. Functionally great. Not very breathable and not as comfortable as others. Mostly only used for those really rainy days. #2: Solarthon. The UltraBoost midsole is super comfortable and traction is decent. Loses some points because the waterproofing is not great and the weird tongue. It's just a bunch on unnecessary material that could have been trimmed down to make the shoe much more breathable. Who needs a pocket in the tongue? Mostly only used for those really dry days. #1: CodeChaos 21. The Boost is solid. Not quite as comfy at the Solarthon, but they have been my go to shoe lately. Great grip, great waterproofing, great comfort. I get that many think they are ugly, but I personally like the look of them.
  12. Seeing how expensive the Next% running shoe line is... I'm guessing these will have a big price hike. Haven't seen any leaked photos or specs, but I am into running shoes. I'm guessing minimally, there will be ZoomX foam instead of React. Maybe Air Zoom? Maybe a carbon plate? Just hope it doesn't have a massive stack height like the trend in running shoes lately.
  13. I have the Ogio Woode 8 Hybrid bag. There's no issues with clubs tangling. The one I got was black with some red accents. I do have some complaints with the bag. - The hard top cover of the slots does rub against the clubs. It hasn't damaged my clubs, but it has worn out the stickers (that I was too lazy to take off) on some of my irons. - While tangling isn't an issue, the grips of the golf clubs can snag on the top cover. This happens a lot with my putter (Super Stroke Pistol GTR grip). This issue alone is probably why OP will hate this bag. - The straps are nice and plush, but have no grip. They keep sliding off my shoulders. I don't carry often, so it's not a big deal for me. Most of the time, I'm pushing a cart. Also I wish they had a quick release on the straps. Overall, it's still a quality bag and good enough for me that I'm not going to buy another bag for a while, but I wouldn't recommend it.
  14. Just search for "retractable stool". You'll find lots of different companies making them and different places selling them.
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