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  1. Those are beautiful. I have a soft spot for cobra being with them being an underdog and legit. I want those.
  2. Something that has sort of worked for me (I hope) is having a couple different options with different purposes. That way if something changes with my skill or swing, I'm covered. I have two sets of irons, one is plenty forgiving but still nice looking and enjoyable to play. The other is more of a players set and both are set to my specs so can play either ones and both are easy to bend so if something changes I don't need a new set I can just have them tweaked. Then I have a regular flex ping sft for when my swing is bad and I'm slicing it. A cobra with a ventus blue for when I'm playing well and swinging fast. All of my woods and hybrids are adjustable as well. I also have a blade putter, a mallet and an arm lock putter so regardless of what putter style I want to use, I just grab it from the garage. I spent a lot to get there but for me I'm more interested in something that works better for me and my swing vs. just a fancy thing that came out and might give me two extra yards. This way I have all the basis covered and can make adjustments to whatever I need without having to buy anything new. Another benefit is when family comes up, I have a complete extra set that they can use.
  3. I'm horrible at golf and an idiot but a big golf swing nerd/student and I think I have decent understandings of how this works here but correct me if I'm wrong. I don't think it's a question of if it can be done or even what should be done for the masses but what makes more sense for each person. In order to have passive hands you need to be in a proper spot in the backswing, proper weight/pressure shift and a proper pivot...something myself and most people do not have. If you get in the right positions then sure, you can pivot through the ball and physics will take over but I think most people don't have those elements in place. There's also a lot of confusion on what "hands" really are, actual hands, wrists, forearms, upper arms...the term "hands" is sort of generic for just exerting force below your shoulders. Not to even mention the different types of releases. If you look at images at impact of tour pros, especially the long ones, their arms are extremely vascular and flexed...doesn't look very passive to me. I think what's more likely is that certain people don't consciously feel that their hands/arms are doing anything but are just reacting to what's going on but are in fact exerting force with them. Problem is most people don't sync hands and body well so they need to over-emphasize something in order to synch up the poorly-working part with the part that's already doing it's job well. It also doesn't help that the whole feel vs. real thing is there and the fact that the golf swing itself is so fast and violent (especially on a tour level player) that it's hard for even them to know what's actually happening vs. what their intentions are.
  4. It’s the same move as Monte’s cast A from his new no turn cast video which is a favorite around here with tons of people have similar eureka moments. There’s a massive thread on here about it so check it out.
  5. Disclaimer before the “hard to say without a swing video” comments, I’m not asking for tips on fixing my swing but just curious how things work. I struggle with getting too vertical, narrow and have too little depth on my backswing and would like to flatten it out some and have struggled with this for a while. I’ve taken some lessons from a instructor that did some bio-dynamic assessment on me and based on whatever he goes off of, he said my “natural” plane based on…whatever is like a Hogan/Kuchar Hardy type one plane thing. When I do swing flatter, the rest of the swing is almost automatic but I have the hardest time in the world doing it. No matter what, when I make a backswing, it might feel like my hands are waste high and then on video I can see they’re practically above my head. I’ve read some things that mention backswing plane is dependent upon body types, setup etc. but I’m wondering what specifically contributes to this. I’ve also heard that taller players tend to swing more upright (I’m 6’4”) but that doesn’t make sense to me and I’m curious if anyone knows why.
  6. That was me since Covid started. My New Years resolution is to not do anything impulsive like that. Only exception would be if I got a proper fitting for something, which I’ve never done.
  7. This is really cool. I’d love to see more tour pros out there making their own content. It was pretty cool seeing him give that guy a lesson, seemed very genuine, which is in line with everything I’ve ever heard about this. He’s obviously polarizing and a huge nerd but seems like a genuine nice guy.
  8. Trying to reinvent my swing after every new golf tip/trick I see. I might like playing on the range and tinkering more than actually playing so at the end of the day, not sure what harm it really does in the grand scheme of things it definitely hurts. There are times when I legitimately don’t feel like I have “my own” swing or any muscle memory. I will usually end up scoring around the same regardless so I know it’s a feels vs reals thing but it’s definitely a very uncomfortable and not fun way to play golf.
  9. Thanks! I have a set of Apex edge pros with the Apex 4 shafts and love them, so I was pumped when I saw these had the same. Original grips too which are hard as a rock and I’m tempted to replace them but just can’t. Once the snow clears I can’t wait to take these out.
  10. I've been on a bit of a kick collecting Ben Hogan clubs for a while and don't see an end in sight. I recently picked up these Apex II's and 1,3,4, and 5 wood to go with the old staff bag. Only thing left is a sand iron and crappy old putter. I know I will probably shoot 200 for 9 playing these clubs but I think it sounds fun to get some balatas and go out a couple times a year to see what it was like and how far club technology has come. I play a newer Hogan combo set with PTx Pros and Icons and the Icons feel great but I'm looking forward to hitting these irons. May even throw on the (now lame thanks to Bryson) cap and rip a few Lucky Strikes while I'm out there.
  11. What was confusing to me was I had always thought that the bounce people refer to as leading edge bounce, which they list really high in the 20’s. When I called he said that it’s 6 or 8 but apparently they have their own philosophy on wedge bounce (seems more likely a goof on the site and an excuse) but I was wondering if the v-sole makes the 6 or 8 play higher or if their “effective bounce” is higher.
  12. No clue, can’t remember the last time I tried.
  13. Always wondered this too. Is it safe to say that a purely struck fade or draw are equal but a fade has much more margin for error and therefore a fade is useable much more often so fade > draw.
  14. 60 but it’s just an around the green club. Even from 50 yards out the 56 is just much easier to work with.
  15. While Hogan is well known overall, the recent version is still pretty under the radar. I’ve got a combo set and I’ve yet to have anyone, even some plus handicaps, try them and not be seriously impressed with how gorgeous and pure they are.
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