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  1. Appreciate it. I guess as I think about it Cast B isn’t really something I focus on as much as it’s just everything goes through the ball, pivot/B, everything. The pause at the top helps as I’m a die hard handle puller/super steep and rushing the transition. That brief pause helps.
  2. Why do you say it's not possible? So far it's been working well, the cast A is sort of the trigger for the downswing. All I really think is "throw and go" so there's a slight pause at the top, throw/Cast B and then pivot/B. But to be fair, knowing me, I'm probably doing neither of them correctly.
  3. As I approach 40, 60 has never seemed so young. You're still a young pup in my eyes @jonsnow
  4. I posted this in it's own thread and didn't get much traction so will try here. I'm having a problem doing cast A and B together but doing the A with a pause at the top (think Hidecki) and then B seems to work well and I'm actually hitting the ball straight for once. Is there a problem with doing this? It seems like there's some speed that's lost by not incorporating A with B but aside from that, is there anything functionally wrong with it?
  5. Figured it might get missed amongst the other 47 pages… Also, laziness. I haven’t eaten my lentil soup yet.
  6. Going through @MonteScheinblum videos and have been struggling with the cast A and B move together. I know that he says they should be done at basically the same time as the pivot but so far I haven't had any luck. Yesterday I was messing around with cast A at the top, pause, then cast B and I was striking the ball pretty well. Is there any actual problem in just separating the two? I know it's not as smooth and aesthetically speaking a little more Hidecki looking and less Rory but is there a practical issue?
  7. I'm one of those people that's always had a hard time with feeling like my arms have nothing to do and so the thought of just dropping them and turning, for me, gets really ugly and they end up getting tens and jabbing at the ball. I can do it okay on the range but when I take it out to the course I have a hard enough time keeping them relaxed and just hit shots off the planet. Personally, I feel like leading with the elbow is easier as it's giving your arms something to do and then just creates an arm driven pivot. Try out both?
  8. I can think of a couple of drills/feels that address this that you might want to give a shot. The first is the "Malaska Move" by Mike Malaska (search on youtube) and the other is Monte's "No Turn cast" (also on YT). Both are aimed at those that get their arms stuck behind them in the downswing and focus on getting the club out in front of them sooner. I started off trying the Malaska move and got in a terrible habit of pulling the hands too far inside and hitting everything off the toe but have had better success with Monte's stuff. YMMV.
  9. First is Hogan although I never got to see him play. Second is Tiger, watching him in his prime sure was a lot of fun and seeing his comeback was nothing short of amazing. Whenever I've had too many beers and can't settle on something at the end of the day I always end up on YouTube rewatching some of their highlights. Never gets old.
  10. I could be wrong here but I assume it just depends on how you do it. I'm terrible with the flexion, supination etc terms but I can hold a club in my hands and bow my wrists without changing the angle of the shaft (non-shallowing move) and I can hold it in my hands and bow my wrists in a way that closes the club face and shallows the club. If you're just bowing your wrists but not changing the direction that the head is pointing, it's not going to shallow. There's a very well regarded instructor on here named @MonteScheinblum who has a number of videos on this very thing, specifically his new n
  11. No offense to OP but...this is the lamest thread I've ever seen on here. If your mother is the Holy Grail of all things nutrition, why are you asking (what I assume to be) a bunch of overweight middle-aged men? Also, it's just lame to talk about your food that much. It's like crossfit and being vegan, it's fine if you do it but just shut up about it.
  12. Not getting the reference. Who is this?
  13. If you're wanting to find the matchup for your flat backswing and the release, you might want to check out Jim Hardy's "The Release" as that's sort of his whole thing, matching up the release to your backswing plane. He has a streaming video that you can pay for as well as a book focusing on the release but you can also find some videos on youtube that do a decent job of explaining it if you're not looking to shell out $30. He's controversial because a lot of people misinterpret his use of "one plane" just meaning that your backswing is on your shoulder plane and not necessarily
  14. Chief Investment Officer for a municipality.
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