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  1. I've got the left to right shot down pretty well and when there's OB left I can occasionally move it that way rather effectively too. Offering lessons.
  2. Don’t take this the wrong way, but if that’s all the time you can actually hit golf balls then I think there’s a ceiling on how much and how quickly you can get better. Maybe you should lower your expectations on getting better and just focus on enjoying the game more? Again, I could be wrong and don’t mean to sound like a dick but I hit balls all the time an it takes me forever to work in any kind of swing change. If I could only hit 50 balls a week I think it might take 10,000 years for me to make any significant change lol.
  3. You need to put reps in to re-write the neural pathways/muscle memory and all of that good stuff. The way you do it, is swinging a club deliberately, slowly and at times, at a golf ball. The problem you likely have, and I struggle with this a ton, is your end goal when you go to the range to practice these movements. You need to be able to take your focus off of the results of the shot and instead only focus on getting the moves down. A success in this scenario, is making the movements correctly, if you completely miss the ball or shank it, it doesn't matter. And when you do shank it/top/chunk/whatever the ball, don't think about hitting it better (and likely just go back to your old habits). Just think about making the movements. Try to take a 7/8/9 iron and pick a spot 10 yds in front of you and that is your goal. Try to take a full and slow swing making the correct movements and only hit the ball 30 feet. If you hit it further, back off. This kind of repetition is what's needed to make the change and if you're anything like me, your brain needs to get used to doing it when there's a ball on the ground, regardless of how far it goes or well it's struck. Also know that your brain has made some type of compensating movements in your current swing to get the club on the ball. You might change one thing to being more correct, but your body is still going to try and make these movements initially. Eventually over time, your brain will figure it out but you need to give it the chance to do so.
  4. Background, I can smack the ball around decently and am a 14 cap with most holes bogeys being tap-ins so I'm usually up around the green in reg and just fail to get up and down. Rarely do I hit a drive OB, shank, skull chips, three-putt, get stuck in bunkers or any of the real nasty stuff we hate to see. I'm not horrible really, just not really great at anything. I usually play by myself. Recently I've had few rounds that I was really looking forward to, the course, the people. Whatever. I was excited to play and hoped to play well (or at least not horrible). And it never fails. I get to the course that day and it's just a disaster. Can do nothing well. Can't get off the tee, irons are garbage, no feel on short game and can't buy a putt. I can only imagine that it's mental. I know golf is golf and everyone has off days but the correlation here is pretty shocking. Can anyone recommend a good book on the mind? I'm wanting to be more zen (or whatever) and just go out there and enjoy it and experience it but there must be something going on in my tiny brain that's messing things up. I don't actually feel nervous or anxious but I know something isn't quite right.
  5. Even if that is the case I'm sure Cobra would want to capitalize on their momentum and pull. Rickie has been playing well but it's not exactly like he or Duffner are lighting up the world right now.
  6. OP, check out this Malaska video. I know you're a Monte guy (as am I) and a lot of Malaska's stuff doesn't gel well with Monte's but this is a good one with a drill that's been helpful for me.
  7. Seems like stalling isn’t the problem as much as early extension which, if you didn’t do, then you’d miss the ball completely. I don’t know a fix for you but I know that for me, if I start EE, it’s usually an issue of standing too close to the ball and not getting my left hip deeper on the backswing.
  8. Anyone have any luck with just forgoing cast B and just focusing on cast A? For all I know I may be doing cast B unintentionally but I find that if I try and cast to 12 then my body just stalls and I flip. I found some success just thinking of cast A and torso facing target and doing both at full speed. The club releases and looks good on video but I think I was screwing myself up with the cast B part.
  9. I had thought that too but unfortunately my black apex irons wore significantly in the first week.
  10. I don’t see a harm in booking one lesson without the necessary intent of making it an exclusive thing. It’s not like I’m married and dealing with a side chick.
  11. I actually had a lesson scheduled with him for this weekend but had to cancel. My brother grew up working there and is basically a McHatton disciple and that’s how I was taught to swing as a kid. It never really clicked for me and I’ve gone down the Monte route and am seeing some significant results. I plan to stick with Monte but would still like to get in a lesson with Gregg just for fun. If nothing else just because I’m a giant Hogan nerd.
  12. Same page. Took an online and in person lesson with Monte and doing the improvement plan. He flattened my backswing out substantially and I've seen shallow/no divot but striking it so much better it's stupid. I'm new to this whole shallow thing and I'm quite the fan.
  13. I'm debating at some point just having someone strip them and make them raw...don't know. I also could see someday just getting a set of the regular apex irons since they're so incredible. If nothing else, I could look at them.
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