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  1. I actually won an award at a charity scramble for (one of) my worst shots of all time. I won a case of "Flying Lady" golf balls. We were group 10B teeing off on #10 and #18 green was roughly 80 yards right and 10 yards ahead of the tee box, obscured by trees etc. You can see #18 if you squat down and look through the maintenance parking lot and trees. I teed up driver and hit way under the sky mark was 1/2" behind the club face and nearly off the toe. None of us saw where it went, but assumed in the tree area right of the green. Thick brush in there and so I was not going to look. We didn't know at the time, but the ball flew over the trees landed on #18 green, right in the middle of a group putting. The ball had sidespin so it looked like it was flown in with a wedge, and spun out of it's pitch mark. The people on the green assumed it was one of the guys in the group behind them waiting in the fairway, and ran out to scream at them for hitting into them. As we moved up to our chosen ball I could see the melee out in 18 fairway, but just assumed it had nothing to do with me. As the day went on, someone in my group and the other groups pieced together what happened without my knowledge, and I was surprised when they added the "worst drive" category as the first prize announcement and I won it.
  2. This has been a good thread so far. I mean with golf it really doesn't make sense to worry over the age of a JV player. Every week is a competition and golf is a sport where you can have a bad streak, or a hot streak it is coaches job to ride that out. If a senior is scoring the same as the rest of the JV kids, he is not dead weight. In other sports most seniors are not going to accept being put on JV and will quit. Those that are willing to play on JV just want to play and it is the coaches job to make sure that they don't hinder a younger players development. I don't think that states should have rules about it, as some school districts will get turn outs that are too small to field full teams, and so flexibility is needed. I have seen coaches round up a couple of seniors who never played basketball outside of PE just to fill out a JV squad and have a season. Football in most states does not allow Srs on JV, for injury purposes, but football teams have lots of room so it is no big deal. Last year in my home town the boys basketball team cut 4 seniors, kids who had been in the program since middle school, 2 of them had varsity minutes as juniors. The JV and C teams were full, and they could not find a place for them, as a big crop of Jrs had more talent. Made sense. Caused a big stir for the coach though. Last night I got to watch some of our local golf boys play in their match. I ran into the coach as he was driving from group to group. He told me that his #1 through #4 (all seniors) from the first two matches were moved to JV and what they call "practice squad" (kids hoping to play onto JV or V) as they were pencil whippers. One of them quit as a result, but golf is great that way there is no where to hide. They also won their first match of the year because of coach realizing he had some bad apples. Gsea sounds like you have an inexperienced coach. Maybe you should volunteer your time instead of bitching about it on the internet?
  3. I would say it is far more prevalent in the last 10 years than I can ever remember. Most teams (not just golf) used to be if you could not make Varsity as a Sr then you were cut. Anymore it seems like teams that are stacked with underclassmen will allow seniors on JV if they want to play. The underclassmen have to beat them out, for playing time. My opinion is that if a Sr wants to play on JV they should be allowed to, it is probably their last chance to play competitive sports and exposure to being on a team, being coached and losing/failing. Important lessons. Plus, the benefit of getting to practice golf every day for 3 months is something that will have value to them (more than any other sport) for the rest of their lives. See TheDominator273 above for proof.
  4. I've been working hard on a reliable low cut with my driver. I'm getting closer and closer to being consistent with it. I tee the ball low and just focus on staying behind the club head and the ball stays low and cuts along the left fairway edge. It goes somewhere like 240 to 260 with not much roll out. It tends to get on the ground early which helps stop before trouble. It seems like most golf holes (even some left dog legs) will allow for that shot from the correct tees. With lots of room (par 5s and resort courses), I tee it higher and give it a good lashing with the same swing path. My 3 wood has a slightly softer shaft, which I use to hit from right to left when needed. For years I tried to shape my driver both directions, but I don't have the skill or time to practice it. I made a personal rule that my driver is not allowed to do anything but hit cuts, on the range or on the course and it has helped a lot. I still have bad days, last weekend I played on Sunday morning and never hit a single fairway (I hit one green on a 250y par 4), however the strategy and misses were mitigated by the low ball and mostly settled in the right cut rough. I used to be a believer in getting the ball to 115y to 130y for a wedge, but scoring is better overall getting closer. It feels better to hit a 130 yard shot to 20 feet than a 50 yard shot to 15 feet, but scores over time will be better from 15 feet.
  5. I think a lot of kids play in different geographic than their home areas regions be it AJGA, DCP or USK to get wins. There are regions or districts near us that my daughter would win a lot of tournaments, but I would rather not waste a bunch of time on the road for a medal. I mean winning with an 81 against a bad field or getting 5th with an 81 is still the same score. The player's ability to score is what matters eventually. I don't watch or understand JGS rankings so I don't know about any of that, but it seems like chasing something like a national ranking is probably a waste of time. Hardly any athlete "gets discovered" anymore, with social media, ease of videography, ease of access to coaches, and shrinking athletic department budgets (in some cases). A kid who really wants to play and has the game is going to get on a team, the national ranking is a nice number on the CV, but beyond that game is game. Shooting in the 60s a lot (in whatever tournaments they play in) probably overshadows a national ranking? My daughter won an event that had kids that ranged from decent like her to pretty much rookies. She hated it. Said it was embarrassing to play with some of those kids. She has gotten a sound beating as well (a few times), and while that stung and made her cry, she ultimately agreed it was much more fun and inspiring. If parents want to pad their kids stats to make themselves feel better, whatever.
  6. LOL. I think this thread is about coaching advice - the advice is to check in with the kids on their scoring and try to root out the cheaters. However, if I had time I surely would assist the golf team and coach would take my help no doubt. But it is volleyball season and so every other afternoon/evening is booked, I only have just enough time to talk s*** on the internet.
  7. Our local HS boys team just started this season, my daughters are friends with a few of the players and I was speaking with them last night. One of the kids couldn't make the JV team for the first two events, even though I know he is better than over half of the kids there. The reason is that the older kids pencil whipped their scores to ensure they got to travel. It is a big golf team, almost 25 kids and they take 12 (6 V, and 6 JV). The coach cannot watch them to be able to question their scores, but I know he is seeing the results after 2 matches and will try to reign in the cheaters. What he really needs is an assistant. The biggest issue is that the cheaters are the older kids who know the system, and so the younger kids have a hard time sticking their nose in. As a coach I recommend staying vigilant and talking to the players individually about their scoring as well as a team. My high school coach was my basketball coach too (pretty common at most schools). He never taught us anything about our golf swings, but he did give me one lesson on lag putting that I will never forget. Me and another team mate were playing a round with him after practice, I had just made a horrible 3 putt bogey and he said to me "If the hole was as big as a hula hoop could you make it?" I said "yeah, most of the time." Coach just walked off the green and never said anything else, but I got the point. I think he liked to coach golf because we had quite a few basketball players, and we could never make excuses to miss open gym. I remember the golf team van taking us directly from a golf match to the gym to change and shoot baskets.
  8. Getting angry is part of golf. Handling it poorly is also part of golf. It is a sport where sometimes we make ourselves look stupid (in many ways), and the pros are no different from all of us. I watched a 73 year old, 23 handicap, take off his hat and slam himself in the head 3 times, then slap his leg, then throw his putter to his cart just yesterday. Some people are just born to lose their mind on the golf course. This guy is miserable to play with and many people have walked off the course when paired with him. He completely sucks at golf and yet wakes up every day thinking he is okay at it, and is surprised and pissed when he still sucks. I have another friend who breaks at least 1 club per year. Summer past, he broke the wind screen out of a power cart on a botched club throw. Had to pay $250 to the club house. He is not an A-hole though and always feels like a heel within like 2 minutes of any outburst, apologizes to all, buys the drinks, etc. Love playing with him, he is just born to lose his mind on the golf course. I always get a kick out of his antics, but they may be shocking to others. I start salivating for the free beer. The outburst is the outburst, it is how you respond after that matters to me.
  9. Congrats to all. I dunked a high spinner from 50 yards on Saturday. Straight down the flag into the cup, unfortunately it hopped out. The hole had a blueish tint from the fertilizer and, we could see where my ball had spun in there, and my ball had the stuff all over it. Cost me a net and gross skin which would have been $80.
  10. My daughter has never done it, but we are signed up for this fall. Some of the kids the next town over invited her, and we have arranged with the parents for a ride share. Best part is that she gets to play at Chambers Bay for 6 weeks in a row.
  11. We just had our club championship this last weekend. We had two players score 69s, one was a 9 handicap and the other a 10. They are both blatant baggers. Their GHIN cards show scores between 78 and 88, then whenever you see a "C" (for competition) next to their score, somehow the scores are in the 70-74 ish range. Both of these guys have done this in CCs in the past, and pretty much every other tournament they play in. I happened to be in our club president's group both days, and I argued that neither should be able to claim any net winnings (our events pay net and gross skins both days, as well as placing at the end), they were both going to be high in gross winnings anyway. He was like "Do you know who the head of the handicap committee is?" and it is the 9 handicap. "I would be glad to nominate you, guarantee you will win" and I realized I would much rather just b**** about sandbagging than do anything about it. For the record, I shot one under my course handicap (11) each day, to take 3rd in the 1st flight (net) via tie breaker.
  12. Sorry if I wasn't clear, the breach was using the provisional after finding the original and calling it unplayable.
  13. The provisional is gone as an option once the original ball is located in play. My post that stirred this up was that in many handicap events you may well get away with calling the provisional your response to the unplayable. But it is a breach of the rule. A monkey wrench would be declaring the ball unplayable from the tee just to save time (meaning you might find it, but know from experience or what you can see, that you will be taking an unplayable). Again, breach of the rules, but in a more friendly format a sure time-saver.
  14. So, if a search is not initiated by the golfer then their declaration of a lost ball can stand, even if the ball is found? I qualified my statement with "in club level golf", where pace of play may outweigh going back and hitting a 3rd ball. Almost every club level or low level event at the beginning announcements they want you to play the provisional from the tee and sort it out after the round. Not saying it is right, but definitely happens - and I can at least see the why of it. The golfer would at least need to look at the ball and state it was unplayable and that he would use his provisional 3rd shot. But if antip is right, as long as the golfer doesn't see the ball they can play the provisional? Color me confused.
  15. No doubt there are some folk's who's egos will not allow them to be wrong (the other 10%). There are even more who go along to get along (like the the pro who backed him up - he had to know the rule, but was probably more concerned about getting yelled at). You did all you could from your perspective. All he really needed to do was call the "lost" ball "unplayable lie" and you all could get on with your life. In club level golf it is definitely preferable to make the provisional then find out if the first ball is unplayable or lost. If he had found it and then decided to take the unplayable by going back to the tee, it would have slowed down the round. The guy had no right to be steamed, maybe a chance to try to play the ball to get a miracle par? You were actually helping him IMO. I had a friend get a hole in 3 on a provisional shot, the rest of us bolted out of the carts when we got to the green to try and find the original in the woods, and he practically wrestled us back onto the green so we couldn't ,haha.
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