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  1. Is the milled face likely to remain? I really like my F9 but I get some odd flights when I play in the rain, I think the milling holds moisture and causes a few strange low spin flights. Anybody else used the F9 in wet conditions?
  2. I've owned both and now I just own the Epic Flash standard. For info I play off a competition handicap of 4 and driver swing speed is around 105mph. I had the white/matt Cobra and it looked superb and the sound was awesome. It was a 10.5° with Smoke 6.5 shaft. I was more than happy with the performance and thought I'd found my driver for the season... but the ho in my was still tempted by the Flash. I bought one with credit I had in the pro shop and hit them head to head. I'd say the F9 had the long ball out of the 2 but the Flash was not far behind. I preferred the sound and feel of the F9 so
  3. I've just bought my first Bettinardi putter... closely followed by my second ? I really like this simple mallet design, it's starting to rust which looks great. I play a moorland course in the north west of England so play on soft greens for 6 months of the year, the grooves on the face gets the ball rolling nicely. It was a bargain for £100 with brand-new headcover included ? I have always loved and putted great with a Napa putter especially in the height of summer when our greens firm up and get slick or when I play at a links course. This was great value and will be stic
  4. The old TP logo should make a come back for me.
  5. I disagree with you, I think the silver, black with red detailing looks class... and carbon doesn't look at all cheap in my opinion.
  6. Callaway PM grind or 40 year old ping wedge???... time to sleep it off pal ????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. I think TM have been very clever with the m5/6 heads. Callaway found a way to increase ball speed & stay within the max cor rating with jailbreak by bracing the crown & sole... since then the others have been playing catch up but they can't copy the idea of jailbreak, so what do you do to try to maximise ball speed if you can't find a technology that competes with Jailbreak without breaking copyright??? You guarantee that every head you make is at the maximum cor limit & the best way to do this is to make all faces illegal then slow them down, genius idea. Driver prices have gone u
  8. It will be interesting to see if twist face continues into the new range and if it does how much will be written and spoken about it in the marketing material that comes out. I doubt the big twist face plastic model will be sent out to stockiests this time around or videos of Tiger, Rory, DJ & Jason Day sat on bar stools giving there reaction to it.
  9. I'm hoping Callaway bring out a new adapter or at least one with fade options. I loved Callaways FT range with fade options but since the adjustable adapter came in they are just FORE LEFT for me... unless i have a big forward press at address.
  10. "Revolutionary new face curvature designed to deliver a corrective face angle on off-center impacts, producing straight distance off the tee" That in my opinion is over hyped marketing. Twist face to me is just a different specification of bulge & roll. I'm not saying it doesn't do what they say but using the word revolutionary to describe bulge & roll is a bit much. Lots of OEMs change bulge & roll and don't say much about it. Look at the TS2 the face is a lot flatter than most... it's not revolutionary "straight face technology", they just tweaked it as they say the head is s
  11. I've just taken the M6 for a test drive this morning. I have to say that I am mightily impressed, so much more power than my M3, looks much bigger too but for the price I'm going to stick with my M3 for now... although I have to admit the flat black finish looks superb.
  12. How about the Belfry? Good motorway network to get there and they do some cracking stay and play deals?
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