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  1. It takes time to make a swing change. Use the range with slow mid irons to ingrain the motion. Then only think target on the course with one key feel. Also I found need to step through the fixes in the NTC, which has some very important updates compared to the YouTube video. Each step builds on the previous. I felt that also getting the Drive 4 Dough video was helpful to fill in some feels to NTC. Incidentally this weekend there is a 30% sale with code D4D4ME and no, I don’t get any commissions
  2. Played my best driving day in while. On course, played with intent to fade and only focus on cast to 8 while sinking into my left at transition. Successful drive down left and fade to middle fairway. As round went on, started to feel myself really pushing up with the left leg as the reaction to the transition/recentering. Ground REACTION force. Best distance 270 yds on a soggy fairway. Not bad for previous best 250
  3. Sounds like the shoulder move has fixed path, but now you need to work on face angle. The right hand to thigh is the feel for an open club face. Instead of the back of the hand to the thought, try finding a position with the palm not facing so open that gives you the better face to path
  4. Played yesterday and had some really deep rough. Had hard time getting to the ball in NTC full swing and more importantly with doing UTB pitches. Both tend to shallow club, which I didn’t manage well. What adjustments have people made?
  5. I found I had to be careful how forceful I cast or else my inside right elbow would get sore. More wrist flick than anything for me
  6. I also found trail elbow pain when i first started the NTC from the YouTube, and all I did cast B. Even DM’d Monte to ask if was too many reps or just doing it wrong. His answer was likely doing wrong. The issue I ended finding was I wasn’t going in order of fixing things. After getting the videos realized segments are in order for a reason. Monte emphasizes working on Cast B only if that motion doesn’t come with Cast A. And I needed the transition to give time to cast at all. And not being too forceful with the cast. The speed is from linking the arms to the body. My initial intent probably p
  7. Probably. If you focus on UD first and hard, then likely you’re subconsciously staying closed a hair longer. I have found that rehearsing both transition and cast A together helps avoid pulls for me. I went from AoA down 8 to down 3.
  8. Check out his perfect backswing video. Blending hinge with forearm rotation helps me. Also cast A is the primary time to fix an open face.
  9. I have a Rapsodo. I actually found putting it in between the target line and my foot line helped. Also if it’s too dark, it doesn’t pick up the ball
  10. Been working on the NTC and also got Drive 4 Dough. This is a staycation week, so got in 3 rounds. Driver in particular had been atrocious all of 2020. Tops or pull hooks. Picked up on Monte because his videos reinforced what my coach was working on. First rounds this week were rough. Then videoing my swing to see how was doing with NTC showed how bent over my posture was. I feel like I’m standing upright, but video shows good posture. Allows the cast to work shallow enough for me on the driver. Hit high draws all round today, best 280. Also going to have to do a gapping session, flew green by
  11. i think from that short of backswing, you need to only do cast B, otherwise there isn’t time to square clubface
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