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  1. Birdieball is amazing and rolls up quite easily. You can get a custom size to fit your area as well. I have a hallway where a 2' x 16' fits perfectly. Definitely get the storage bag add on, totally worth it. Look up MGSpy review on it or their best putting mat list.
  2. Not sure how many OEMs make them, but you can find actual 4 woods. I've got a Mavrik 4wood in the bag and I'm pretty happy with it.
  3. I can't stand the look from address, but I have a feeling the OG Sim is probably gonna fall into that category.
  4. He definitely catches a lot of s***, I think he's alright. Obviously "pressure" is his crutch word, but it seems like he might have been tipped off that Shotgun Start and others make fun of him relentlessly about it. I think he's curbed it slightly.
  5. Gah, this is painful. I sent in a Rahm entry and they told me they never received my entry. Was so upset
  6. So I carefully filled out my mail in submission and mailed it with plenty of time to get there. BUT I just called and they claimed to not have my submission. I'm pretty pissed, but don't have any way to fix the problem.
  7. Maybe you're right, I may have misread it.
  8. I'm think Max LS is gonna be my choice (assuming everything goes thru) Got a question,when you look at Golf Galaxy's site the shaft options are Stiff & Tour Flex. I assume the Tour Flex like a Tour Stiff or X-Flex, but not sure, anyone have a good answer?
  9. I'm pretty certain it said one per household
  10. I mailed in, and called them the Monday after the tournament and the lady said it would probably be two weeks before we hear back. She said they had 2 people to go thru 1000+ mail in entries. I've been religiously checking my Promo and Spam folders in my email to make sure I don't miss it.
  11. Regatta Bay is rated better, Emerald Bay is one of the lower ranked "Sandestin Resorts" courses. I played the Raven a month ago and really enjoyed it. It's the best publicly available of the "Sandestin Resorts" family of courses. Other options to consider, Kelly Plantation, has tremendous views of the bay, and Indian Bayou while not as scenic as the others, is a really good track and a bit more affordable. Note: I've played, Raven, Kelly Plantation, and Indian Bayou. I went off of the Grint course ratings to compare and choose which ones to pay. Regatta Bay is supposedly great too, but ended up with Raven bc of the price vs rating comparison.
  12. I've considered that, I've also considered ordering an additional 4 hybrid with the Red Alta CB that matches my others and swapping that shaft into the 5H and getting it cut and re-gripped to the proper length. I really like the feel of that Alta CB Red, I like a counterbalanced feel and I hit my others so well I'd like to match them.
  13. We've been considering getting a Switch for a while now and this game makes it even more appealing. Can't speak on the new one, but I loved Mario Golf on N64.
  14. I love my hybrids. I've got Ping G410's both 3H and 4H. I'm very seriously considering dumping my 5iron in lieu of a matching 5H, unfortunately it's really hard to find one on the used market with a stiff shaft. I've had trouble with several different hybrid models, but I think I could hit these blindfolded.
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