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  1. A couple of questions: Can you explain the difference between the main types of grass and how they look/affect play? I'm curious about Zoysia, Rye, Bentgrass, Bermuda, and Poa specifically -- not sure what else is really used in the US. Any suggestions to fix dead spots on my yard from my dogs?
  2. PVGC is open for public play in the afternoons to residents and has no private facilities other than the course itself — even the restaurant is just a public restaurant. It’s also very expensive for what it is for non-PV residents - like $1k/mo and $75k buy in. I actually think if you’re in MB then Mountain Gate makes more sense.
  3. Anyone here know anyone at Virginia Country Club by any chance?
  4. I’m also in MB. Are you a member at Old Ranch? I can’t stand playing Trump so I’ve been looking around for a good option — private or public. Have been playing Pelican Hill and Oak Creek more lately.
  5. I only played it once, but I personally do not love Old Ranch and think the course is not particularly nicer or more interesting than the public courses in the area. If you are on the west side, I think going north is probably the better option to something like El Caballero, Mountaingate, or Wood Ranch if it's not too far. Traffic on the 405 on weekdays is going to take up to an hour+ from the westside, so I wouldn't imagine that'd be too appealing.
  6. Always felt very much like a way to write off a private golf course as a charitable deductionIMO.
  7. Wilshire, hillcrest and Brentwood are all going to be more expensive. Look at Hacienda, San Gabriel, Wood Ranch, Valencia or El Caballero depending on where in LA you’ll be for cheaper options.
  8. I’ve found whenever I try to keep wrist bend at impact and lag the club the face ends up open and goes way right or even hits on the hosel. If I don’t focus on it, I have a tendency to cast the club which I assume is me having the face catch up to square on impact. Any common drills/fixes for this kind of issue?
  9. Westchester golf course is right by LAX with putting, pitching and driving range. Not a good course though. Angeles National has good practice facilities. traffic is horrendous in LA so make sure you plan for travel. Would honestly recommend killing time in LA doing some other than golf but up to you!
  10. Has anyone started using XLife travel? I’m looking at joining a blue tier club, and whether that means I can really use the travel benefits is a big factor. Thanks
  11. I think Ryan Voss at Golftec in Torrance is great. He was the coach at Loyola. Way better results with him than anyone else I've seen in the area.
  12. You’re making it tough on me. I’m tempted to just go big with the net return but folding up/down in a minute for like $500 cheaper is pretty appealing.
  13. I have a small space outside by the pool (on concrete) I’d like to use for practice along with a mat and new Garmin launch monitor when it comes out. If price isn’t really an issue, is there conventional wisdom on the best net that could be fairly easily broken down? Seems like everyone likes thenetreturn, but the pieces suggests assembly will be a pain each time unless I’m mistaken.
  14. If driving/traffic isn't an issue I'd do Oak Quarry. I think it's a more interesting course with better golf, and the signature hole is really unique while Pelican Hill is not too different from any other very nice course with ocean views (which is still fantastic, but the quarry is unlike anything I'd seen before). Oak Quarry is also probably half the price of Pelican. Would highly advise against Trump -- it's a boring, overly penalizing and not very fun course. Zero scrambling -- you either hit the fairway or you drop on nearly every hole. The views are quite great, but it's barely worth the $80-$125 at twilight . . . . $400+ for peak hours is complete insanity. If you're just looking for views I'd opt for Terranea, which is one of the best executive courses in the country.
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