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  1. I'm right there with you . . . PVGC does not seem worth the dues for non-PV residents for a club that allows public play and has a public clubhouse, RHCC is incredibly expensive, and then the closest other options would be Mountaingate or Old Ranch which are a bit overpriced and corporate let alone the fact they can be 40 min away in traffic (MG seems like the much better choice of the two). For public courses, Trump is pretty good but makes for a pretty underwhelming home course if you play it a lot, and everything else can be an hour away (Black Gold, Rio Hondo, Industry Hills, Pelican Hill,
  2. I was looking at joining as a junior at San Gabriel CC, but it sounds like they require caddies on the weekend even if you're just playing as a single. They also allow 5somes, which concerns me about pace of play. Does anyone have a sense of how big of a deal this would be to squeeze in a quick round, and any background on the club generally? Otherwise it seems like a very good club and maybe I'm overthinking this as an issue?
  3. The Lakes is next door to a water treatment facility that goes the full length of the driving range and smells truly horrible in the early morning and evenings. While I see the appeal of adding lights to a muni for night golf, I don't really see the overpriced drinks/nachos crowd being interested given the odor. There are also multiple driving ranges within a 10-minute drive, so I assume the avid golfers would prefer save $30 and go next door. I hope I'm proven wrong because it's three minutes from my house and would love what's essentially a premium practice facility across the street, but I'
  4. Any sense of how far off it has fallen? Would imagine it'd still be up there with the next "tier" of courses in the LA area if they had been taking care of it reasonably well again.
  5. Have you played The Oaks at Valencia (old TPC Valencia course)? I've really liked TPC courses I've played, and that's the natural alternative given that it's across the street.
  6. Anyone a member at Valencia CC? I heard it was fantastic in its day (and a RTJ design), but had fallen off years ago. I wonder if Arciss has restored it and whether it’s worth considering? I’m also looking at Hacienda and am curious if anyone has info, pricing, etc on either for a junior member or comparisons of the two.
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