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  1. Tape shows 43 7/8” if you want to split hairs. Bought it at 44” with a ping grip, I Re-ripped with a pure.
  2. Bought from another member here who had one round on this, I have 6 on it. Tipped 1”. Pure midsize grip with 6 rounds installed, 1 wrap. Price includes shipping via USPS, shaft will be packaged safely! I have a Ping G410/425 tip I can include but won’t install. PayPal is [email protected] Sold$!
  3. I’ve got the slope version since Sept ‘20, coming from an old Bushnell Pro 1600 or whatever it’s called. Blue Tees is accurate, lightweight, and easy. Don’t regret the spend.
  4. Another vote for Central Oregon and every single course mentioned. Tetherow on the boards is a must. Don’t eat sh!t tho. Ha ha. Another spot, not City, is St. George, UT. 36 a day schedule: Coral Canyon, Green Springs. Then Sky Mountain and Sand Hollow. Throw in the St George 9’er if needed then out. Good trip. Also have Entrada, and a bunch of others if you want to extend past 2 days. Some nearby in Mesquite, NV to tie it together if flying in/out of Vegas. Even if the grass sucks, the layouts are $ and the views and weather are priceless April-Sept minus the one 10 minute snowstorm I played in at Sand Hollow in late April.
  5. The quality of the course and how they play it. Then the WAGs shown, mostly on Sundays. It’s research.
  6. *Not by revenue, but by brand recognition relevance, unscientifically: All of the big boys have their thing with all of us (Ping, Titleist, TM, Cally), then there are the middle sized boys (Cobra, PXG, Srixon). Then you got the small boys (Sub70, New Level, & kits like Maltby). To each their own. However, with some mention in this thread, but not much, what about Hammer, Alien, Sqairz, and other garbage? Why no aversion to these companies? How do they still stick around this long? People can’t be buying this stuff.
  7. Yes. Z785’s from 2nd swing, based on the reviews from everyone here. Traded a bunch of old crap in and used that credit for a “9.0” shape 4-PW set that showed up still in plastic, brand new. The reviews here are legit!
  8. My company does a sponsorship at the Wells Fargo for our clients and get a spot in the Wed pro-am. 1st year we “drafted” Patrick Reed right after he won the Masters. I caddied for my client in the group, had a great time in between the ropes. Reed was mostly quiet and reserved, a few small one liners is all, and had a bunch of interviews with reporters coming off of his win at Augusta while walking down fairways, so wasn’t much interaction that I recall. Kessler was the best though- smart-a** funny, good insight into Tour minutiae, reading putts for our group, seemed like a good dude, didn’t fight anyone, but no hecklers either for Reed yet. Could call it the Caddie-Am for how much fun our group had with Kessler. 2nd year we had Keegan Bradley on Wednesday; was a great time, guy was a blast. That year our general counsel also got to play Monday with Malnati and said the vibe was way more laid back, and with the Pros playing Monday trying to make a living, it was way more down to earth versus Wednesday. Malnati was a top notch, humble dude for sure and left a great impression. We pull for the guy in the office when he tees it up of course. Last years Pro-Am died with COVID, so we’ll see what 2021 brings!
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