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  1. For context (which should’ve been stated the start) I’ve always been comfortable with irons 5 and down and 5 wood has always been a trusty tool oppressed to a 3 wood as It’s a primarily off the ground club. The high handicap has been a result of poor mental game and inconsistent striking off of the tee
  2. Never above 5 is crazy to me personally. I only started golfing about a year or so ago (maybe year and a half?) and I want to get better but just can’t find that time to get on the range as much
  3. Agreed. My putter (SC NP2) has saved me more times than I can count
  4. Believe it or not, I like the my smaller top line and sold as it makes me concentrate more. I’ve tested them extensively and I know those are the irons I want in the bag honestly.
  5. Currently using JPX 921 Hot Metal, but I ended up buying the 921 Forged for cheap from a buddy of mine just waiting for the shaft swaps. Still stronger lofted at 45* PW and 21* 4 iron.
  6. Very true, I know. I used to work in the pro shop at a course near my house and that’s definitely when I was getting better and playing my best considering I got to go to the range for free everyday and played a couple of rounds a week. Nowadays though I’m working 6 (sometimes 7) days a week so it’s hard to get out the range as much. I usually only get to play once a week before the a** crack of dawn on mondays with a big group of friends. For sure would love to hit the range everyday again though.
  7. 60* believe it or not, is my favorite club in the bag honestly. It’s my sand bunker club and I often find myself needing to get over bunkers and short sided pins. I also use it for all shots 30 yards and in basically. But I might look into a 56 and play around with it.
  8. Hey everyone, Currently in a bag setup dilemma. As context I’m not the greatest player ever usually sit in the 90’s with a couple of sub 90 rounds under the belt and different problems any given day. I’m not overly long, but I have a baseball background (SLIIIIIIIIICE on mishits) with some power at driver ~280-300+ on good strikes. Recently have had no woods in my bag with a 3 hybrid that misbehaves (tsi2 18*) and 4 wedges (44 set PW, 48, 54, 60 SM8). I don’t get to practice as much lately, so consistent ball striking is the main problem, so I’m looking for a point and shoot, ease of use set. Thinking of a new setup of Driver 9*, 5W 18*, 7W 21* , 5H 24* , 5-PW 45*, 50/55/60 vokey wedges Anyone have any experience with a similar set that can give any feedback or anyone with a better setup in mind? Thanks guys
  9. Does anyone have any experience hitting these and have comps to other shafts? These look very intriguing but can’t seem to get my hands on these to try them out. Currently gaming Modus 120x
  10. You’re absolutely right in that aspect, but my problem isn’t coming up 5-10 yards short, it’s the lack of gapping from my wedges and the ability to hold greens because the scoring clubs roll out and go way too long for my liking with the hot metal. My PW (44* in hot metal) is a 140 club whereas my gap wedge (50* vokey) is a 110 club. I understand your point about the ego (that’s why I was hesitant to post this in the first place) but I just don’t see the need for a PW to be that long especially if I can’t hold greens with it
  11. Has anyone tried to combo the jpx 921 hot metal with the tour? I know there’s a massive loft gap issue, but I’d love to know if someone has pulled it off. I’m currently gaming a set of 4-PW HM but I’m looking for something more consistently knock down in the scoring irons (and I really want to have something more blade styled). I was thinking something along the lines of 4-6 in HM and 7-P in the tour. I play off of 20, so I know it sounds crazy to even try the tours but I strike my irons particularly well just can’t seem to putt or chip consistently to save my life. Would just love some input from anyone that’s tried it! Thanks
  12. Any chance you’ve tried the BF? I’ve seen a lot of stuff about it being similar but on eBay, the BF seems to be half the price
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