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  1. Rock Creek is on my to do list. Not easy to get on there though! Have fun.
  2. I have been toying with the idea of getting a set of blades for a couple of years. Actually purchased a couple used sets that were just too beat up and ended up returning them. I discovered the club maker Haywood golf this weekend and ordered a set of MBs. Decent price point for a new set checked the box for me. I’m super excited. I figured these will be a supplement to my current set, as opposed to a replacement. Although my current irons are pretty close to a blade anyway. so maybe these will make it permanently into the bag. We shall see. Should be fun. I’m excited to join the club!
  3. I don’t quite understand moonlight. It Attempted to be its own ski resort for a while and failed. Eventually it was purchased by big sky and became part of that mountain. Big sky now has the most terrain of any ski area in North America. Moonlight is still some sort of private home community and the golf course stuck with them.
  4. The safe bet is zero. Not fun to think like that though.
  5. Not easy to get on, but I hear it is really fun. One day…
  6. They look good. I may have to get one just to try.
  7. The twitter feed is getting pretty spicy on this already!
  8. For sure. I bounced around for a bit and it was no help at all. Have to stick with something for a bit to get used to it and then decide.
  9. I think this will be fun. I live near the couse and this is the only way I am going to get to see it. Should be pretty damn beautiful with some fun golf to go with it.
  10. 185. Mizuno jpx 919 tour with X100 shafts
  11. I played driver, four wood forever. I really like that set up.
  12. I enjoy practicing and getting better. So my ideal is always about 2-3 less than whatever it is.
  13. I write the numbers down on a label and attach it on the under side of the shaft just below the grip. I have the numbers for my 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 swings. Then wrap a piece of shipping tape around it. Without the tape it won't stay. They have lasted a couple of years.
  14. This is useful information. I need to extend my irons by 1/2 inch, and I wasn’t sure which type of extensions to use. This will be my first try at extending shafts. It will be a good winter project. Thanks everybody.
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