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  1. Welcome back to the game! We missed ya! Now, down to business: In my opinion, a hook is much easier to cure than a slice, so I think you're on the right track. Here are my two standard fixes to a hook: (Simple) They say "open up your stance" for a fade/slice and "close your stance" for a draw/hook. Whenever I'm unintentionally hooking it, rather than fiddling with my swing mid-round, I just open up stance. I set up "normal" and then just pull back my left foot 1—3 balls (depending on the severity of the hooks) to open up the stance. (Less simple) The main cause of my ho
  2. Beautiful putter! Always loved those teryllium Scotties.
  3. What does ball testing look like? Do you go somewhere? Looking to try out some more balls this year after years of loving the AVX. Thanks.
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