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  1. I am really interested in your results. I just got my Miyazaki C.KUA 39 regular flex (could not find an "A" flex as @jgard320 suggested was closest match from the comparison chart) in the other night and put it into my Epic Flash 9 degree driver and hit about 15 balls just to make sure I was able to make contact and nothing was going to break since I am a shaft newbie .. I plan on testing it again soon with my SkyTrak to capture the ball data and will compare it to the same length Tensei AV blue 65 gram stiff shaft that I have with the same head. I am not expecting much difference but would
  2. Curious if you have had the chance to test the NVS yet? I purchased Miyazaki C.KUA 39 regular flex last night and should be here next week. I'm really interested if it provides anything close to the autoflex in just ball speed alone.
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