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  1. Lets say your lie angle for a 37.5" club was 73.5* which is equivalent to a 7 iron, if you used a 38.5" club [equivelant to a 5 iron] am I right in saying the equivalent lie angle should be 72.5*? Mentioned here https://www.tesi-golf.de/Club-Length-Guide
  2. E.g. The lie angle in a 4 iron is a few degrees lower than in a 9 iron
  3. Ive seen it mentioned that for many people having the toe slightly up for iron shots [not wedges] will perform better than having it perfectly parallel to the ground, what kind of swings would this be suited to and what kind of swings would it NOT be suited - as in what kind of swings would having the iron perfectly parallel to the ground be better than having the toe slightly up?
  4. One more question: how do you create more space for the right arm during impact as mentioned here? He's more tipped over which allows this , I think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8dkDx8YVkI?t=280 Would reducing how much your right forearm can rotate clockwise help with this?
  5. I'm watching this video and he mentions "he got himself a little more out onto the front of his feet" and "he's got himself more centred in to back of his feet" in the other comparison Does that mean he puts more weight on the front of his feet than the back:?
  6. I use a similar lie angle to him, which I think is the reason he ulnar deviates his wrists, so if there was no issue with it for the irons then i'd like to emulate it I't does make the ulnar part of my wrist feel weird at impact but I think it just takes getting used to
  7. Ive seen it frequently mentioned that ulnar deviation adds tension which should be avoided, but its mentioned her dechambeau uses a lot of ulnar deviation on his irons, so that must not be true? https://golf.com/instruction/bryson-dechambeau-explains-swing-radius/
  8. I had wanted non tapered because when I do chips/pitches I choke down every time and the thinner grip thickeness might cause problems when choking down
  9. Do you change how much your wrist cocks/hinges during the backswing depending on the type of shot your hitting, or do you try to keep it the same for every type of shot? [I mean for irons and wedges, not other types of clubs]
  10. >the build of the club makes it look like the ball position has changed when it is in fact in the exact same location to the low point. Are you referring to the length of the club when you say "the build of the club"? If so, dechambeaus irons are all the same length, so I wonder why he'd move the ball position at all, in that case
  11. his wedge game is woefully short in relation to his world ranking. Plus Bryson is tied in sand saves for 201st on the tour, why do you think that is? One reason I can think of is his jumbo grips are taking the feel out of his pitch & chip shots
  12. Im reading here that dechambeau said in 2018 “I player my lower-lofted irons slightly higher-up in my stance,” Bryson says. “Not as much as variable-length, but a little further up can help golfers adapt to the lower-lofted irons.” https://golf.com/news/bryson-dechambeaus-3-tips-to-hitting-single-length-irons/ does he still do that now? What clubs would you suggest moving the ball slightly higher-up in stance?
  13. Ive often seen it mentioned that the single length clubs cause trouble doing pitch shots, if your shafts are long [eg 37”+ clubs] – has choking down on the clubs for pitch shots sorted this out for you?
  14. Thanks! does jason day ever set the ball ahead of his front foot for chip shots? This video says to do it to get more loft but I haven't seen him do it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0ml44k4nkE?t=458
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