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  1. I've heard that a square shoulder alignment is best for when using the driver, is this also true for irons?
  2. I usually don't rotate my head that was just a to check where my arms were
  3. What I'm aiming to do in the video is rotate my rear cheek backwards [and the front knee to bend forward straight ,not collapse in] To me it looks like I am doing this until I reach halfway through the backswing and the leg then collapses in
  4. https://gfycat.com/CalculatingGrippingHadrosaurus
  5. Here's the backswing , just an example I keep my head in the locked position usually
  6. I try to minimize hip turn to avoid my front knee collapsing inwards, so I try to keep the hip rotation to max 30* I'm trying to rotate my torso 90*, but I'm having trouble doing this, because when I do rotate my torso it also causes my hips to rotate more which pushes in my front knee. Here's an example of what Im aiming for you can see his front knee doesn't get pushed in because he has stopped rotating his hips at about 30*, he's only rotating spine from then onwards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RumM90ulVBg at the 2 minute mark
  7. When I watch the pros most of them have a more upright spine posture when hitting a driver compared to irons How about if you were swinging a 5 iron and a 7 iron, would your back\spine be more upright for the 5 iron?
  8. Is the reason it's hard to open the face because when you grip down on a club it's harder to open the face? How about if you didn't grip down on a club with a long shaft, would it be easy to open up the face then?
  9. I have long shaft one length irons and I was considering carrying a single shorter length wedge , for special shots that a longer shaft iron wouldn't be good for Any idea on what kind of shots a longer shaft would be unwieldy for ? Maybe when the club is on the lip of a bunker?
  10. Or is it caused by anything else? I'm trying to emulate a swing with a very forward shaft lean and I want to know what's may be causing the forward shaft lean Eg pushing your hips a lot towards the target or pushing your hands forward at address?
  11. If you had a wedge with a high bounce would that have any effect on your regular shots too? Or does the bounce in wedges not have any effect on striking regular shots?
  12. heres an example of what i mean, see this persons clubface is pointing down While this person's is pointing towards the golf ball If you want it like the 2nd picture would you actively try to pronate your forearm during the backswing - or is there something else you should do?
  13. I've read that for the long irons you want to sweep the ball, while for shorter irons you want to dig the ball - which is why they move the ball forward for longer irons, in addition to the longer irons having longer shafts But what about if all the shaft lengths are the same, is it still suggested to place the ball in the same spot for each iron, or would that cause problems with trying to sweep/dig into the ground based on the club your using? Or is this dig/sweep thing purely just based on the loft, so it's fine to place the ball in the same position each time?
  14. I want my clubface more open at the top of the swing and I've read that normal forearm rotation results in the club being more closed, so people swinging on a single plane have a closed club face at end of backswing. How exactly would you reduce rear arm rotation, would it be something like actively trying not to let your rear forearm become rotated during the backswing?
  15. I saw it mentioned here that loading the lead arm by pressing it against your armpit during the downswing creates more speed by loading the shaft more, does this sound like a good thing to do or Would this get your arms too inside & cut off rotation?
  16. Im following hogans advice where he mentions to keep both arms connected to your chest at setup I have a bent right elbow at setup (because of my lie angle),and with my right upper arm pressed against my chest it causes my right elbow to press against my belly at address Is it generally recommended to avoid this? Does this player have his rear elbow pressed against his belly at address? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2J5uliBHNo
  17. Is this recommended to do during the backswing or does it cause any issues with your swing ? I do it to help stop my arm from moving by itself during the backswing, so that I only use the spine rotating to elevate my arms, to keep on the one plane, but I'm wondering if it can cause any faults with your swing? Should you also keep your armpit pressed against your chest on the downswing?
  18. Im trying to do something similar to the swing on the right, but I have a problem where my elbow is bent too much. Anything you'd recommend to help make the rear elbow less bent? https://i.imgur.com/IyQcnmX.png
  19. As mentioned here Does ben hogan & moe norman do this?
  20. What's your opinion on this, rather than having a weight shift you rotate around a single axis by pivoting around the front hip joint As that axis Dechambeau mentioned that's how he rotated his hips with irons in 2019 is that still the case? https://www.australiangolfdigest.com.au/bryson-dechambeau-simple-pure/
  21. One I know is that you have to place the ball further away from you , but does it change any other part of your swing too? Eg do you have to hunch over more or move your hands further away form your body at setup?
  22. I'm having a problem where during backswing when I start to rotate my hip by bending my left knee to pull the left hip forward , this bending of the knee is knocking me off the plane and causing my pelvis to Sway away from the target - which is having a domino effect where my spine plane goes off target causing reverse pivot i keep my right knee in a fixed position Any tips on how to bend your knee, to pull the left hip forward, without going off the rotational plane? I have my front foot facing towards the target, maybe that's what's causing this problem?
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