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  1. Thanks for the tips. It’s frustrating because hitting out of the middle was the one thing I picked up on quickly in my young swing journey. Rarely do I [when you hit it off the hosel] the ball. I’ve spent much time working on low point, face angle, path, attack angle, holding lag, etc, and didn’t really have to focus or work on hitting the center of the face. Maybe it’s just a case of the reverse-[when you hit it off the hosel] and it will go away on it’s own.
  2. Yes, point of impact. I’ve changed the title for clarity. No equipment changes, when it first started it was with my gamers which are fit for me. I have six iron sets ranging from 70’s butter knives to chunky modern game improvers, with varying lengths, lies, and swing weights. I hit them all in the same spot, edge of the grooves toward the toe.
  3. I strike the ball best when I have a song stuck in my head and I’m not really thinking about anything in particular. This usually happens on the range or practice area, and rarely on course, as Murphy’s Law dictates. Otherwise I keep it to one general or vague thought at a time.
  4. I’ve suddenly started hitting my irons and wedges off the toe, very consistently. My impact grouping is normal, just moved to the toe....edge of the grooves. It’s like I need to move my rear sight up one click. Driver is unaffected. I hit some 30% balls (that don’t care where on the face you hit them, they still go the same distance), and ball flight looks normal, I can still work them to the best of my limited ability. I’ve tried: standing closer/further away from the ball, looking at the inside/outside edge of the ball, shorter/ flatter clubs and longer/upright clubs, lo
  5. Precisely .2 seconds after I posted I thought to myself “you could just cut the ends off of the grips, dum-dum”, but I’d still have to locate some spare end caps. Interesting info about the MV2 development, where did you read that? All that came up when I searched were eBay listings and the Maltby Playability rating.
  6. I ended up swingweighting the clubs that still had the weights in like LeftyMac suggested (E0 with no grip). Fabricated new weights for all of the clubs out of graphite shaft extensions and large machine screws since I can’t use modern grips with the end caps. Put on some Harvest Gold Lamkin grips, polished the ferrules, and retouched the paint fill. The blue and gold on these heads gives me the fizz.
  7. I am missing the 8 iron to finish my set of 71-74 Spalding Elite MV2 Stainless. I have a Titleist Tour Model 9 iron, Spalding Executive 4 iron, Spalding Match Play Power Model 2 iron, and some red bird on ball endcaps that would like a new home.
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