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  1. Final word from BB's is that what I received is correct, but the design has changed from a hole in the center of the weight to a slot across the head. The product photo is incorrect and will be updated. Let the "slip-it-all-in-together-thing" commence!
  2. Thicker paint. Either let a small amount of it sit out just long enough to thicken up a bit or use nail polish.
  3. They mic'd at .179. Removing the weights later isn't really a concern, getting them to stay put now is the objective Also the 10g isn't going to be enough by itself on any of the clubs, they will all need additional weight (going from +1" 125g steel to +1/2" 65g graphite) so once they are in they can live there happily ever after. I just REALLY don't want to have to take one apart because of a rattling weight down the road, and I know that even if the silicone bond is broken it still won't rattle around and I'll probably never be the wiser. Edit: Also compared to re
  4. Man this thread has blown up, I appreciate all the replies. I’m going back and forth with BB’s right now, will update with the final word.
  5. The only reason is to avoid possible rattles in the future from the long, heavy weight. I'm fairly certain even epoxy is viscous enough to seal off the tip though. "Slip-it-all-in-together-thing" makes it sound a lot more fun that it actually is.
  6. Solid from end to end. The method you described is what I ended up doing (except using silicone instead of epoxy to secure the weight), but it is still finicky and I can't be 100% that all of the air has escaped.
  7. The head of the weight completely seals the tip, I didn’t even have a grip on it.
  8. I ordered the standard ones that come in various weights as I needed 10g. The weights pictured most definitely have a hole in them, but it is not mentioned in the description. I sent them an email, we’ll see what they say.
  9. I just checked, the only option I see is for weight. Only one version for 335 and 355 shafts. Maybe they changed the design as mentioned above.
  10. The slot on these is only on the head. I haven’t drilled out the shaft at all, I’m using masking tape as a shim to give the weight a snug fit.
  11. If they were the short 2-4g weights I could do that, but these are 10g and probably too long for me to drill straight through by hand (no drill press). Good idea, but I don't trust myself in the execution!
  12. I'm using Billy Bob's brass tip weights in graphite shafts, and would like to secure them with silicone. The tip weights are pictured with holes through the center, but the ones I received are solid and have a slot cut into the head instead. With the weight installed in the shaft, the little slot is useless for letting trapped air and excess epoxy escape. My solution was to slather the weight and inside of the shaft with silicone, then drop the weight into the hosel, and put the epoxy-coated shaft in on top of everything. This works, but it just seems Mickey Mouse and I'm not super enthuse
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